First Love Yourself

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by Vanessa David

What is it to truly love another??  

Love just is.. without any attachments.. Love is a formless form it is a natural state of consciousness that is pure and knows all is perfect.  
Relationships are only there to help you grow and lead you back to your divine truth.  The relationships remind us what it is we need to see about ourselves so all the heartaches, pain, suffering is just the love of our soul shaking you for you to remember who you are.
Love for ourselves is a hard pill to swallow sometimes.  We turn outside for all our answers where we wish we were someone else and become jealous of others and their lives. We seek for love in others and this creating attachment to another where the relationship becomes conditioned with expectations of the other on how one should be but in truth they are only reflections of what your soul would love you to see in yourself.
True Love is when you Love all of you!!
We are so hard on ourselves and are critical of our outer appearances always wanting to look perfect on the outside and wanting everyone to like us setting ourselves up having expectations and when it is not met through other people we ourselves become our own enemy therefore the war is started on our own selves.

We begin to overindulge in different ways, whether it is over excessive workouts, over eating, overly spending money to buy clothes, houses, cars, etc..
Cheating on our spouses.. Watching porn.. Having multiple sex partners.. Drinking.. Drugs.. Overly working..
The list goes on and on.. This is the pain of denying your own love of self.  
We are trying so hard for others to see us and wanting others to respect, honor, love us, we become blinded from the one person who patiently waits for your love and this is YOU.  

See the Love has always been there inside you.  We lost our way when we were taught not to be our authentic self and if we were to just be who we were we would be judged and labelled as a freak, fat, ugly, to sensitive, a nerd, to skinny, to quiet, or the other way where an image of a person was perceived popular, smart, rich, beautiful, athletic, etc.. So with that these people had to try to hard and keep up with an image of being perfect.. Anyways you get the point..

Everything has been created for a reason in order for us to form a relationship with our true self by remembering who we are and to fall in love all over again with our own divine beingness. Until we find this in our own self we will never find this in another, because how can we love someone so much but can't even love ourselves.  Your soul will continue to reflect this in others until you finally look at all of who you are and love all of YOU. By this the searching stops and YOU don't even have to try hard anymore to get others to see you because your love is enough.  
You then see love in all things.