The First Moment You Godwrite

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God said:

In terms of Godwriting, you begin to get down to Godwriting the moment you write the two words God said. This affirms your place in the scheme of things. Of course, with Godwriting, there is no scheme of things whatsoever. Nothing is planned. You are open to what comes, whether you see where it’s going or not. This is the extent to which you, as a Godwriter, go.

This is how you signal God: “Okay, God, I’m here ready with pen in hand (or computer at the ready) to jot down whatever You would like me to hear. Let’s do it.

The experience of Godwriting is simple receptiveness to come what may. I do not hold out to you that when you Godwrite that I will simply whisk you away to an amazing state of grace, as if your first stab at Godwriting will be the greatest moment in your life, and you will be writing the most exalted Godwriting known to man! There may be these moments, yet there also may not be.

Beloved, it’s better that you don’t expect to receive utterly stellar Godwriting. What comes, comes. Nothing extra special has to come. Godwriting is more like a simple treasure hunt. Be laid back when you’re Godwriting. You are not on stage. I AM.

Nothing is at stake. Yes, you care. You don’t want to let Me or anyone down. Bear in mind that no one is an accomplished Godwriter besides Me! No one knows ahead of time what Godwriting will come forth from Me through you at a particular moment. To the extent of your desire, We could possibly call your first Godwriting as God-writhing! Smile!

Godwriting isn’t your accomplishment. When it comes to Godwriting, innocence wins the day. “When you least expect it…”

Beloved, you as a Godwriter are not the Lion’s Roar Himself nor the Cat’s Meow.

Godwriting is not your doing. No matter how vast or slim you may feel your chances are at picking up God’s thoughts, you are not the director of God’s Godwriting. Naturally, you desire to hear My thoughts, and just so, so does everyone else prefer to hear My original thoughts over their own or yours or anyone else’s.

No one grades you in your experience of Godwriting. I come through you as I happen to come. If you have a great breakthrough, it arises through your innocence.

Many new Godwriters at first don’t believe they are actually Godwriting. Their internal critic tells them they definitely are not Godwiting. No one is a star Godwriter across the board. There also is no one who cannot receive My Words.

Look, Beloved, I can do whatever I want when I want. There comes a point when you draw a breath and it sneaks up on you that you hear My Breath so naturally, that hearing Me is no big deal. Sure, you write down what you hear, yet you are still you and not on Broadway.

If I, God, exist, and I do exist, then I exist within you and everyone, and I am blessed to Godwrite through you. I am well-pleased. Godwriting is an easygoing event, something like floating on the Ocean Deep. Who cannot do it?

Mostly, I take you unawares. You are, in effect, the humble pen I happen to pick up to write with. You are an instrument. You open your heart to Mine, and We let My Godwriting roll. Every time you sit down to hear My Words, it is as if for the first time.

Que sera sera, what will be will be.

"Que sera, sera,
Whatever will be, will be;
The future's not ours to see.
Que sera, sera,
What will be, will be."

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