Fly with Me to the Moon!

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God said:

Beloved, Joy to the World. Joy to you. Make the Sun to shine. Give yourself peace. There is nothing else you are to give but peace. What else is there to give but love and peace, peace and love, joy and love, love and light ascending? This is the whole story.

So far, add the pace of serenity to daily life. Does serenity sound too blissy for you? Then be blissy, what do you care?

You sure don’t want to underscore war and battle, toil and trouble, frustration and more frustration, tension and suffering. On what pretense would you settle for getting by? You are God’s Child. You are worth something. Life isn’t here just for you to drag out and, so to speak, slide by in, get away with. There has to be more for you. You deserve more than just being able to say you got away by the skin of your teeth.

Is it true that you relive childhood disappointments again and again on a grand scale? If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. If life isn’t all sweet, do you keep having to keep bumping your head on the same brick wall? Nor, frankly, you don’t really want all new sorrow. Nor do you want to miss out on life. You don’t want repeats, and you don’t want a dry run either.

Sometimes you feel you are waiting for life to begin for real.

You may want to fly to another planet. Lounge on a different couch. Hydrate yourself. Smile for real. Think a happy thought. Roll over on green grass. Catch a dream or a mandrake root. Kiss the palms of your hands.

Go to the beach even in your mind on a freezing day, not that details have to matter all that much. Life doesn’t have to wait for the weather you prefer or anything else. How eagerly you may be waiting to win the lottery. Many of My children are waiting to win the lottery. May you win all your hearts’ desires, yet does your life have to be great by definition? Otherwise, are you overlooked and some kind of demotion awaits you unless you are victorious?

Have your heart set on your goodness all you want. You are drooling for all good things as if you are all-dependent for a scream of “Eureka, I won!”

Have in mind that you are blessed as you are. Is this a new idea? Sniff a flower today and be happy anyway. Today doesn’t have to be the sunniest day on Earth. Today can be a good day just the same. Bless yourself. Who decides what you are to make of today?

Look, I do not demand that every day must be a piece of cake. I know the score. Some days come out better than others by a landslide.

Count your blessings rather than your disappointments. There is even good in disappointments. There is freedom! Now you have a second chance for ultimate happiness tomorrow. Anyway, there is greater happiness than $500 million dollars’ worth of lottery winnings. Believe Me, you don’t really have to jump over life. Greet life.

Beloved, your purpose in life isn’t to be an escape artist. You don’t have to slide through life. You want life to amount to far more than simply coming out alive. Life amounts to more than a thrill in a manner of speaking. Welcome life.

Life isn’t something you have to brace yourself for. Life isn’t something you have to take on the chin. Go ahead, Beloved, shake hands with life. Go for it! We are in this together. Fly with Me to the Moon!

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