Full Moon of Aquarius + The Planetary Ascended SpaceLife Forces of Creation

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Full Moon of Aquarius
This full moon of Aquarius is the first major initiation of the ascended planetary/intergalactic/universal spacelife creation system and its empowerment as the dominant spacelife force in the planet's life.
It is a turning point to have the EarthStar ascended creation system enabled to be its own ascended spacelife presence within the galactic/universal spacelife system and its many dimensions.
As the planetary ascended spacelife system increases its functionality, it will enable many of the incarnated ascended spacelife masters of creation to begin their creation of the planetary ascended spacelife creation civilization which will develop into its own ascended universal spacelife living creation organism of avatar prominence.
The avatar planetary destiny is the planet's function within all dimensions and all spacelife.
To align with this purpose is to foster one's unique contribution to evolution, and to contribute one's unique contribution to the universal life of creation and civilization.
The Planetary Ascended SpaceLife Forces of Creation
The Planetary Ascended SpaceLife Forces of Creation are available to create the EarthStar Ascended SpaceLife Creation Civilization.
These forces have the power to incorporate all other spacelife forces into the EarthStar Ascended SpaceLife Creation Civilization.
As EarthStar Ascended Masters of Creation work with these forces, they will discover how to create the necessary ascended spacelife components of the EarthStar Ascended SpaceLife Creation Civilization and its all-inclusive ascended spacelife powers of functioning.
Intergalactic/Universal Stargate System now opening
This Intergalactic/Universal Stargate System which is now opening introduces many ascended life dimensions into the planetary life system, and is allowing the intergalactic and universal life of the planetary ascended masters of creation to function more fully.
It is also making possible the planetary/universal ascended life unification to begin to function.
This will continue while Venus and Mars are in conjunction with Neptune in Pisces.

The Arcturians ~ All the Galactic Civilizations, all Beings and the collective of You are becoming this giant group of consciousness on a Solar and Universal level



The EarthStarNation is now beginning to be created by the starseeds of this planet, and to become the ascending master community which is co-creating this planet's Universal Living Creation Civilization.

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