The Full Moon Goddess Energy is Pregnant with New Life!

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The Full Moon Goddess Energy is Pregnant with New Life!

This morning we awoke to a glorious full moon on a cold and drizzling 5 C degrees in Cape Town, South Africa. We couldn’t see her, but we could feel her. “Pregnant with New Life”, is what I heard Michael telling me. The Divine Feminine energy is an important factor at this juncture as she holds the blueprint for the creation of our New Earth which is now in the process of manifesting into Form. The Divine Feminine energy can best be described as the womb that is holding us and supporting us, and in which the gestation of our new crystalline body, and the crystalline body of our New Earth is occurring.Therefore it is important to merge into the energy of the Divine Feminine during our daily energy practice because this energy is supporting the NEW You being birthed now. I just love the image in this post because it represents BOTH the Masculine and Feminine aspects of our Being. One cannot do without the other, and as I’ve often heard Michael tell me, “There is no Other, we are One!”

What is really important now is that we let whatever energy that does not support us go. Simply release it, surrender it, without further ado. It is longing to return to the Light from whence it came! All of that which is not supporting us aka everything that is NOT love, is being released and transmuted so much easier now as well.

I am so please to report that we had a very successful Fellowship Ring yesterday! A beautiful young Starseed from Turkey experienced a huge release of blocked energy in her base, sacral, solar plexus and throat chakras. She was crying one moment and laughing the next! As this energy was lifted from her by Archangel Michael and Faith, she felt so much lighter and brighter she said. The energy was mostly ancestral, which we didn’t even need to tell her because she already intuitively knew this. It still amazes me how in-tune (attuned) these young Starseeded Ones are. Most times all they need is a little help from the older members of their Earth clan! We also experienced how easy it is to move into the frequency of happiness! We both had the giggles after doing this exercise with the Archangels!

Another thing that was shared in the Fellowship Ring yesterday is that it is quite acceptable now in our energy practice to ask that all energy that is holding us back, all ancestral ties, bonds and agreements made, all karmic residues of an ancestral nature and all negative energy imprinted in our DNA at the moment of our conception, be released and cleared now. This is stuff we could do without and it is time for it to go. Ask the Archangels and their Divine Counterparts for assistance with this. A few weeks ago I asked if I could go before the Karmic Board to get permission to have this energy released from my energy field, and before I could finish the question the answer arrived in my awareness, “Permission granted!” So please do this for yourself. It is worth it, and so are you!

We’re looking forward to next week’s Fellowship Ring on Saturday the 15th. Do join us if you are so guided.

We love and bless you and wish you a most magical week ahead!


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