Full Movie - Journey to Lucidity: The Planted Seed. A consciousness shifting movie.

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A full length consciousness shifting movie. A visceral experience through a transformational festival implemented with themes of dream exploration, oneness, community, and consciousness. 
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"Super Inspiring"
"Awesome work....i got the bumps and shivers through my spine; electrified. The film is so fluent and soothing yet is powerful...like a river or stream...row row row your boat. You definetly hit the a strong wavelength with your editing."
"I felt honored to have viewed this. I felt 'truth bumps' as soon as I clicked 'play'. I even had a few 'aha' moments. Even though I felt as if I had attended the festival with you through this film...I feel now it is a necessity to actually be there next spring. Thanks for all your hard work_ and self-less service bringing the festival to those who couldn't be there. You did a great job!! As always."
"I LOVE it. I love the way that you are open and transparent, reflexive as they say, about who you are and what you're doing. I love the questioning of the reality as a dream. You've taken a number of complex, overlapping, and often fragmented_ narratives that came to you in no scheduled or organized manner and have woven them together in a really potent tapestry of a dream story. Thank you. THANK YOU"
"The film for me was an affirmation that truth lies_ in the heart. I really enjoyed the vibration of freedom and love."
"Beautiful film! Brendon captured the whole event and message so well. The dialogue and feel of the film is very genuine in bringing forward the concept of a collective grassroots movement to help and better the world we live in. And with the way it was shot, I feel like I_ attended the festival. Very well done! Thank you!"
"Absolutely fantastic work, brother. Love the concept, love the words,_ love the editing, love the end product. Powerful stuff. May it awaken many."
Filmed and Edited by Brendon 'Wolf-Shield' Culliton
Filmed on location at Lucidity Festival 2013. Be there for 2014! http://www.LucidityFestival.com
Featuring Music by Infinite Third
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