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We are in the midst of a sudden “bifurcation” in the evolutionary trajectory of a complex dynamic system. Bifurcation creates crisis, and crisis, as we know, is both danger and opportunity. Either way, it is a prelude to change. The challenge is to choose the change that leads to a sane and flourishing world. This is a real but non-recurring opportunity. Failing to seize it means returning to where we have been: facing the prospect of our collective demise. Because for the past several decades we have been exposed to a plethora of crises, and these are likely to be as global as the pandemic, but not necessarily as temporary. They include conditions as bad or worse than a pandemic. For instance: millions dying of starvation and penury—and through epidemics and violence taking further millions with them. Hordes of displaced refugees tearing apart the fabric of more and more societies.


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Poetry and spiritual words by the philosopher, alexis karpouzos

Voice : The actress, Martha mourouzi


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We are all members of humanity, and we all belong to the global biosphere. We are members of oikos, the house of earth, which is the Greek root of the word ‘ecology’, and as such we should behave as the other members of the house behave – the plants, animals and microorganisms that form the vast network of relationships that we call the web of life. The outstanding characteristic of the biosphere is her inherent ability to sustain life. It behoves us, as members of the global community of living beings, to behave in such a way that we do not interfere with this inherent ability.

As members of the human community, we should behave in a way that reflects respect for human dignity and basic human rights. The awareness of being connected with all of Nature is particularly strong in ecology. Connectedness, relationship and interdependence are fundamental concepts of ecology; and connectedness, relationship and belonging are also the essence of religious experience. When we look at the world around us, we find that behind the chaos and randomness, a great order, a grand symphony of life. Every molecule in our bodies was once a part of previous bodies – living or non-living – and will be a part of future bodies. In this sense, our bodies will not die but will live on, again and again, because life lives on. Moreover, we share with the rest of the living world not only life’s molecules, but also its basic principles of organisation. Indeed, we belong to the universe, and this experience of belonging can make our lives profoundly meaningful.


Happening Soon, in a Theater Near You

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Life, the Universe and Everything! The thyme has come to say Ubuntu to you. The whirled is changing, we the people need to lead ourselves. Being and doing are participatory endeavors, take part in first hand learning. There are immediate needs for people with expertise in journalism, construction, legal thought and botany/herbology. The path we travel is the one less taken - developing different models for different community basis.

The campus is in the pacific northwest ... the goal is to learn contributionism by building a rural natural resource base sustainable education facility. One project, Hectares for Xerxes, will feature donation of 2 acre plots for rotational bee crops like borage, flax and hemp. Please be able to discuss Ringing Cedars, Mondragon economics and/or Sovereignty.. Make contact by response here, no more will be revealed for the thyme being.

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Archangel Gabriel with Trance Channel Robert Baker Part 2

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Interview with Archangel Gabriel

Joel Anastasi, spiritual journalist, interviews Archangel Gabriel via trance channel Robert Baker

The Second Coming: The Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age
by Joel Dennis Anastasi
Published by The Angel News Network
Available at the Angel News Network website:
The Second Coming website:
Amazon Books:
iUniverse Publishing:

Live as Your God Self, Presence to Presence

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This will guide you through a Restoration of the Soul so any time throughout the ages you have seen less than the Presence of God in yourself or all of life will be removed from your Akashic records and your body so you can truly live on Earth as your God Self, Presence to Presence with others. 


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