The Galactic community is creating a bridge for humanity.

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The message is about the galactic community is generating vibrations of algorithms onto the planet Earth to the Humans on how to raise their vibrations, integrate, alter dna. Each grid is an information packet on how to act and welcome in a galactic community. A bridge and vortex is forming. There are binary codes also embedded in this drawing. The Galactic community is creating a bridge for humanity.  Contact is here, now and can be made first in dreamtime and then orbs of light with messages will come to those who are ready in broad daylight. Many Orbs will be dropping on different parts of the planet right now from the galactic community.  Only with divine open heart and integrity can the contact truly occur. Blessings Salo



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I am excited about it all.......................come on down.....................


Rhonda aka Rhiannon Yellow Star