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~Galactic Free Press~ 11/2/10



Your Unique Newspaper, for Your 5D Reality Reading Pleasure

~ Welcome To The Dawn of The Seventh day..Where Everything Changes forever...~



~ The Show Has Begun..We are Just The Staging Crew, we check The Lights, The Stars, and The Wind, Funny How that Worked the Wind. You just had
to turn into it to open your wings. See How Easy That Is? Flying? We
Love ALL, in The We..Love US~‌

~As the New Day arrives, The Seventh Day, clarity is achieved. Humanity will FEEL their God centers OPEN!! Humanity's Hearts are Now ready,
and THE Truths From US, Your Family of Light have opened the door so
Humanity can easily step forward from out of the darkness, This is The Beginning, that Never Ends. ~


See Humanity was always told they had to work to get to heaven, and they had to give and give, cause there was never enough and then you get
to heaven and heaven says what kept you?


Distorted value can be diminished, True Value can only be increased.


~ FYI~We have Placed the Ships in Final Approach, we have Trillions and Trillions Surrounding Planet Earth=Heart, and So it is, as Decreed.~



Faith Hill & Carlos Santana - Breathe (High Quality)




End Transmission With Love Everywhere Present





JP Singh [FB]~It takes no effort to love.
The state has its own innate joy.
Questions answer themselves if you are aware enough.
Life is safe;
flowing with the current of being is the simplest way to live.
Resistance never really succeeds.
Controlling the flow of life is impossible. ~


~Love Letters to The Editors~



Dear Father~MotherGod Amon Ra,

I am thankful for your presence and for what you do here ...(((Much Love & Lightful
Hugs)))... Honoured to be beside you and all, on this Divine
collision course ~ Love Devon Hampson-Hammel

Dear Father~MotherGod Amon Ra,

I have been sweating a lot, while being cold and clammy today. Not that unusual...I say I am burning off old karma when this happens. But was
just wondering if you knew something that would help me get more
comfortable. Didn't know if drinking more water helped, or more
meditation..any suggestions?

Love Sheila

Dear Shelia,


Thank You for Making a Love Donation today in Support of our Work For You and The Divine Mission. When We say ALL Donations are Blessed 100
times Over, We are Not Kidding. We have had others Make a Donation,
and then within days have received this back in another way And Its
Always More then they donated. You See We Utilize the Money as
Energy. When You Serve Love, You Get it Back In Grander Ways, this is
a Law of The Universe. We Serve Love In Every Moment, and When You
Share Your Love with US, this Energy Comes Back to You. This is the
Magic of this Energy. You can Make a Donation here in Service of the
Greater Good of The ALL, With Our Energy of Love Blessing it..


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Toye Elizabeth Norwood [FB]~positive thinking isn't really thinking at all it's a calm awareness in the present moment~

Devon Hampson-Hammel [FB] ~ Always Love Ourselves, May We Always Love One Another, May We Always Nurture One Another, May We Always Empower One Another, May We Always See The
Positive Through What SEEMS Negative, For Negativity Is Simply A
Blessing In Disguise Towards Our Own Greater Good. May The Beauty In
Life Always Be Known Naturally And Radiate Outward Through Our Loving
Souls... Let This Be So, And So It IS! ♥ ~

Love Reporter Sapphire Stone



Ascension and Dimensional Shifts”


Mother Earth Has A Consciousness of Her Own, And Is A Living Being As You And I! The Divine Plan of The Creator, Which We All Follow, Knowingly or Unknowingly, Calls For
Mother Earth To Ascend From 3D - 5D And Beyond! Humanity Must Be
Willing To Ascend, or Increase Vibration To Move With Mother Earth!
This Means Keeping Our Physical Bodies Intact And Gradually Reversing
The Aging Process Back To Age 30! Those Not Ready To Ascend Will
Incarnate Back Into The 3rd Dimension On Another Planet, or Be
Physically Transported To Other Planets! They Cannot Return To The
Higher Dimensional Earth When That Happens, For Earth Will Be Turning
Into A Star! Others Who Have Chosen To Stay On The Karmic Wheel of
Life And Death, Will Be Dying By Disease, Accidents, Natural Earth
Changes, or Sicknesses!

Ascension Is The Integration of Spirit And Matter! It Is The Process Where Our Physical, Emotional, Mental And All Spiritual Bodies Combine To Create A Fully Conscious
Being! We Become A Light Body! We Have Aspects of Ourselves Who Exist
On Other Worlds, In Other Dimensions or Realities! Everything Came
From One Creator And Through Ascension We Realize We Are All One With
One Another And Other Life In The Universe! Race Differences, War,
Owning Property, Land Rights, In Fact ALL Aspects of Our Current
World Is An Illusion! We Live In A Giant Hologram And Many Dimensions
Exist In The Same Space! They Only Differ By Degrees of Vibration!
When We Increase Our Vibration Significantly, We Change Dimension!

For Those Staying On Earth For Ascension, A 12 Strand RNA/DNA System Will Replace The Human Body's Current 2 Strand System! The Current 7 Chakra System of Body Energy
Vortexes Will Change To A 13 Chakra System! We Will Also Consciously
Use 100 Percent of Our Brain, Instead of The 10 To 12 Percent
Currently Utilized! Full Consciousness Will Return To Us, That Is The
Awareness of Why We Are Here, What We Are To Do In The Future, And
What Our Past Lives Have Been! We Will Have Universal Knowledge With
Our Brain Receptors, And Have Super Human Abilities!

As Ascended Galactic Humans (Physical Angels) We Will Be Able To Interact With ALL Sentient Life Forms In Our Galaxy, Universe, And Beyond! We Will Regain
Extraterrestrial Powers That We Have Lost Eons Ago! Telepathy,
Teleportation, And Interplanetary Travel Will Be Common!

Some People Will Be Able To Revisit or Return To Their Previous Star System That They Came From! Some Will Help To Repopulate Mars, Venus, And Maldek Which Is Likely
To Be Re-Formed From The Asteroid Belt! Some Will Stay On Earth For
The New Golden Age, And Will Help Create It Through Building
Sustainable Societies Those Who Populate Earth Will Become Her True
Stewards, Anchoring Light And Supporting Energy Nodes And Grids
Around The Planet of Great Temples! The Whales And Dolphins Have Been
Burdened With This Task For Far Too Long! We Will Visit Magnificent
Crystalline Cities Within The Earth! It Is How, Many Lemurians And
Atlanteans Already Live Within The Shell of Our Hollow Earth! We Will
Be Meeting Them Soon!

Our Current Structure of Government Will Cease! Higher Intelligent Beings Will Help Us Set Up New Governing Councils Based On Appropriate Universal Principles! We
Will Have The Final Say In Fine-Tuning New Government, Without
Interference From Those Who Currently Control Them!

Infinitely Happy Prosperous Times Ahead ; ))

Sapphire Stone



Shane Derrick Jonker[FB]~Happiness comes in relaxed
simplicity, living in present
awareness and contentment with
each precious moment of this life
that is granted. Awakened
...awareness is not dependant on
any particular circumstance. We
are each endowed with clear
perception that becomes dormant
or obscured through the
conditioning of fear, loss and belief.~

Love Reporter Lucy



Monday November 1, a new day begins bringing good hopes for many on this Earth; while on the past week everything seemed like it was going to
be the end of the world. Wow! ; for many very scary things were
happening, and not because of Hallowing!

News from all over the world and of course most of them, were totally negative. Earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, disagreements between
governments, 50 warheads lost mysteriously and fighting on the
streets. Crime and suicides, many deaths for many reasons; job losses
and many other things to make us shake our heads and say “oh my
God, but what is going on, what is happening by God’s sake!?”

Well apparently, all is part of a cleansing process that is taking place in order to bring a new era. A new begging where things are going to
settle down and give us a new chance to see, and accept things in a
new way. People around the world in many countries now, are having
second thoughts about these things and how these things got to be
change; and they know that these events have to start changing
in their own hearts first, and then in the collective consciousness
of all, to produce those positive changes.

We are learning. Yes, we are learning very fast the “do this” and to “do not do that”; for us to avoid the same mistakes again in
the near future. For the first time, we can sense that this change is
coming very fast and those who are connected to the positive side;
know this. They know that all this negativity will pass very soon,
and our hopes for a new way of life, is getting closer with everyday
that passes by.

When we get news that can bring hope to all of us, a new positive vibration grabs our hearts in an instant, knowing that this could ease the
tension that we all suffer on a daily basis. Our faults then start to
dissipate in our lives and happiness starts growing, becoming a
wonderful sense of peace between those close to us and the rest of

One can not say that this things, all can be true; but we at least have a notion that definitely our lives are taking a turn, even thou this
turn is wobbling still to both sides of the P&N. ;but just take
notice, that wobble will stop in the moment of our acceptance that
things are changing for good.

Interestingly many light workers are still devoting their lives to bring this news, even thou there are still those who try to intervene, denying these
truth’s; but who is the wizard at this time to let us know what is
truth or not? Our hearts!

Yes our hearts which are constantly yearning for love!

Let our hearts tell us the truth that these light workers are bringing to us these days; for some reason they have sprout all over the earth
and we know this that this is for a grand event.

You all know by now which are those light workers; those who keep us on alert of what is going on and how everything relates to our lives and the
outcome of our decisions made. You know with honesty in your hearts
that their words can not be in vain, for words that come from the
heart, we must not ignore.

I have many good friends from Heaven, but they live on Earth. Don’t believe me? Well, who can be a heavenly person right now on earth who
has negative energies surrounding them? Who can be a friend from
Heaven? That I know; no one with negative energies, thoughts and bad
behavior can be a heavenly friend to our eyes and hearts. You
understand this. You know who is an honest friend with unconditional
love in their hearts towards the others and you. Those are the
heavenly friends that I know who are packed with love in their
hearts, and also that I firmly believe are right now standing by our
side and manifesting this grand work of love in our Earth. You know
about who I am talking about. You see their messages around every
time you connect to internet or receive your mail or connect to
FaceBook. They are uniting humanity with their precious gifts given
by God in these moments for us to celebrate our change of
consciousness and to welcome the new era.


Please read this messages that have good news for you and your family:



Of course there are so many that I can not give you the links from all of them. For this I would need a year or maybe more time to tell how
many light workers are doing their part to bring the good news
happening and those things that we should have in consideration and
try to learn for our ascension into a new way of life.

Warm hugs to all of you and always know that we can be better than what someone can be in the army.

We are the army of God’s children who wishes to live in a world of peace and abundance for all, specially the abundance of Love.



~We will go from the illusory lower dimensions, to the levels of spirituality that respond only to the Light. All is in harmony and
balance, unlike the imbalances you experience upon Earth. ♥ Be in
Joy ♥~

Unconditional Divine Love

~Wake up the whole world is waiting just for you! It is a new day, full of possibilities, a day
like none before or none that will come after.
Each day the world paints its portrait just for you, the birds sing new
songs, the spider creates new patterns in her web just hoping you will
notice. The sun shines on your sleepy
...face, gently coaxing you, wake up! Come enjoy my light, dance in my rays and
feel my heat upon your upturned face!
The world is waiting, come on, let’s go join it in celebration of the
glorious day that is today!!!~



♥ Robin ♥

~Love is the affinity which links and draws together the elements of the world... Love, in fact, is the agent of universal
synthesis." "Love alone can unite living beings so as to
complete and fulfill them... for it alone joins them by what is
deepest in themselves. All we need is to imagine our ability to love
developing until it embraces the totality of men and the

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


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Father~Mother God and The Entire Galactic Free Press Staff