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UnConditional Love is the Real love of God….and the Truth in Higher
thought or higher dimensions of consciousness…Ego cannot go here..as
we truly connect with the One consciousness from within, Ego
disappears, ceases to exist. So lets take a look at some of the
qualities of an ego and true love for they cannot exist together. The
ego has set up belief systems we can also call BS for convienance,
within the realms of higher thought there are not any belief systems,
only openness and honesty without any filters, in truth, unlimited
thought with no boundries. Love never judges, condems, controls or
puts things in any order, the ego however, blames, critizizes,
seperates, puts importance on something outside of self and has neat
little boxes to compartmentalize everything instead of seeing
everything wholistically. The ego always is looking for anwers outside
and then demands proof, while real love requires no proof it allows,
accepts, and embraces from within and see s all whole and perfect as
it is. The ego is unable to change, it is static, inconsistant,
defends as if there were something to defend and dictates that the
ego's way is the only way. When in truth unconditional love and the
true being are the only way through. Love always offers knowledge of
SELF to empower others and continues consistantly to practice love in
action as an example, ego can only offer the illusion of love for the
true being of love is always in the present, while ego is in the past
and the future. Love always tells the truth no matter what, and ego
always runs from the truth, because it cannot exist any longer when
truth is presented. Nor can ego even "see" the truth because it has no
clue what real is and so it "forces" and justifies its stance, as well
as it can be very subtle and appear as real love, however ego is
unable to grow and change as in love its constant growth and change.
Love is transforming and brings about equality for a ll. In closing
true death is the letting go of the ego, so the space can then be
filled with joy of the true inner being and with the Love energy the
more we bring in is when the body begins transforming itself into
ETERNITY> Love is all there is, Love is the anwser… with love from the true being. We are all
one when the ego is released.

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How does one Learn to Feel? You have to let go of all lower thoughts, and then you step into "The Present Moment of Now", which is the Same as "The Love Called God Everywhere Present" You/Hu=ALL. Feelings only exist in the Present Moment of Now, anything in the past or future are not feelings, therefore they are not REAL and do not exist, except in fantasies. Feelings are only the experience of Love, True Feelings are all Higher Thoughts. Love is the Conduit of Being, where the Flow to Awakening is ever increasing. Let's give this example: what occurred in illusion is that you "lost" your senses. This was done to you, to dumb you down, so that it was easier to control you. Now, through all the Medical Teams, Your Family of Light assisting you, and through Our Information of Universal Codes, we are assisting you In Regaining all Your Senses. So Now, You are Coming Alive. You have been asleep, and in a dream. Your True Being of Freedom is Awakening from out of this dream, with then there being no more dream, Just True Reality, Alive, and Living in the Present Moment of Now, which is Always Eternal Life, Forever and Forever, darkness to never exist again. All that will exist is Light, which is Joy, Love, Abundance, and Happiness. As you Learn and Remember to Love Yourself, You Recognize, Your Light, and You begin to have Feelings, Like Bubbles of Joy in your Tummy! 

When you are born as a baby onto this Planet, you cannot go back into the Mother, correct? Would this be an impossibility? Of Course, it is impossible to go back from where you come from, You are Creation, therefore you always Grow. This is the same as when you step out of illusion, or the box, you cannot go back, once you Understand something, you cannot un-understand it. This is another impossibility, because you are Pure Consciousness Energy, made of Atoms, Therefore you are always becoming Grander, Aware or unaware. Once You Step out of Your Box, you are Then Born into True Reality, and you cannot go back, in Truth, there is nothing to go back to, because the past no longer exists. 

Humanity has been enslaved for so long, you have been in chains, unaware you were just in chains, because you had been programmed, and deeply ingrained, indoctrinated into the lies. We come along, Your Real Family, and ReHeart you of The Truth after 13 Millenia, Yes, we undertook a Challenge, however, Your Awakening is inevitable, and We are Aware of this Truth. If you were not going to Awaken Father God and I would Not be here in the Physical With you. Just Imagine a Teenager who gets sentenced to prison for life, and then finally at the age of 60, gets out of prison, to face the outside world he did not even remember. This is a small example of what is occurring Now, with All of you. You have been in a dense realm, hell, a prison that has held you captive from the Very Love and Truth of WHO YOU REALLY ARE. That realm you were in has been dissolved, to Set You Free, if you still think you have chains, they are only imaginary, and you must set Yourself free from the illusion. Say Hi to the Angels, They will Be Happy!!!!. You are Being Freed, to Experience True Reality, the Real Truth for the First time in 13 Millenia of Moments. Can you See the Grandness and Magnitude of this Event for you and all of Humanity?, YOUR COMPLETE AND TOTAL FREEDOM, THIS IS A WOW, AND AN OH! MY!GOD! CAN WE GET A HALLELUJAH? 
Held deep within your DNA, is the Remembrance of your True Divine Heritage, and this has been activated within ALL of Humanity. If the being rejects the Truth from Within, the more the being will go insane, as they are only denying themselves, fearing themselves, and the Love they truly are. We call this the True Armageddon. It is the fight with the mind=lie=ignorance=program=ego. Guess who wins anyway? Would this be Love? Let GO...Your Higher selves are speaking to you from within your Heart. Listen Closely from within your Heart. There is a Voice inside of you, which only speaks about Love, Light, Truth, Joy and Happiness, Can you Hear it? Once you Hear it, Let it carry you...

Welcome Home into,The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth=Heart, We Love you Unconditionally!!

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Now, Your Primary Focus as the Givers and Receivers of this Planet Earth=Heart,is to Put all of Your Focus on the Highest Truths, and then Share them.This would be Utilizing your Energy to the Highest Possible thought,Equal to Experience, and then You receive more and more of Love Everywhere Present, which includes YOU! We will Begin Seeing more andmore fallouts. This could result in changes in people and places aroundyou. Relationships that were in the old energy, will no longer work,all types of them [Some may even leave their bodies in strange andunusual ways, if they cannot adjust to the new Frequencies on thePlanet]. Each of you during this Process will then begin Your RealJourneys and Destinies. You each have a choice To Be Love, Light, andJoy, or in misery, fear, pain, and suffering. The latter choice is justillusion.

The Atoms that make Up this Realm are just VibrationalFrequencies, of Pure Consciousness Energy. You are also made up ofthese Atoms. You are Just Energy. Now ask Yourself, How would you Liketo Use this Energy? Our Answer [which is Always YES to LOVE] , is Forthe Greater Good of the ALL, in all Moments. This Experience, the sameas "Love Everywhere Present", is one of always Grander and Grander, Oh,My God, Experiences! This is Source Connection, Creation. This is theEnergy which is only in the Present Moment of Now, LOVE. A Co-Creationof Ever Expanding, Eternal, Grandness, never ending, just becomingGrander! Is this an OH! My! GOD?

Now, There is More to this OH!My! God! Understanding. When you are in the Present Moment of Now, youExperience, Feelings of Utter Joy! For Love Only Exists in the Presentof NOW, Love is all There Is, so this is your only experience ! TheseFeelings of Love and Joy Energy are actually Creational Energy ofAtoms, that when "charged" with These Feelings [High VibrationalThoughts=LOVE], the Energy is sent into Creation, To Recreate inGrander and Grander Ways, through the Continually Raising VibrationalFrequencies. This is the Understanding of Creation in its finestUnderstanding of exactly How Creation Functions, as an Organism, whichis ALIVE, within you and all Around You, This is Love EverywherePresent. In Truth you are Creation, this is Who You are. All Joy,Light, and Love are the Highest Possible Frequencies of the Atoms, andbecause of this Move at High Velocity Light, Gathering together, MovingUpwards, to Higher and Higher Frequencies of the energy or the feelingsof Love Everywhere Present, Grander and Grander!

Welcome Home into,The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth=Heart, We Love you Unconditionally!!

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The best easiest Way to experience this Evolution is to be detached from the outside world, and connect into your Heart, inner being, Where you are Always Safe. Once you connect in then you experience Feelings. Also be detached from these feelings, enabling you to begin experiencing the Love you Truly Are. This Allows Source to Flow freely through you, as the Divine Spark that you are. This is When You Become an Instrument for God. Allowing these energies to flow through you, assists in the Changes necessary on the Planet, for Heaven On Earth, Paradise. This is Being the Change you Wish to See. BEING THE CHANGE, CHANGES EVERYTHING, IT CHANGES THE VERY EXPERIENCE YOU ARE IN, AND SIMUTANOUSLY BECOMES A PART OF THE EXPERIENCE FOR THE ALL, WHICH CONTRIBUTES TO THE ONE, BECOMING GRANDER AND GRANDER.

Humanity was born into the physical realm, and Now Humanity is Being Reborn into the "Spiritual Realm" also "The Kingdom of Heaven", let us know if you survived your Birth. Yes, you will have to die, to be reborn. Ignorance dies, the Being is Alive.
Just like in the womb, there is Consciousness, surrounded by Consciousness, and then to AWAKEN WITHIN THAT CONSCIOUSNESS. When you arrived here, at your physical birth, you came in as Pure Consciousness. Then Society handed you a "mask" so to speak, which we call illusion. Then along with this they taught you ignorance, so that you could be controlled. Now you are being re birthed into the "Spiritual Realm", while still being in the physical, however it will Look Very Different, because you will Be Present, and you will completely BE AWARE THAT YOU CAME HERE TO HAVE THIS EXPERIENCE.

In essence the lower grid is the past, and the reason that it is dissolving, is because it is the past, and the past no longer exists. You have been "playing" in illusion trying to "fix" the past, to make the "future" better. In True Reality which is Always Present, has no past or future. We are Always in the Present Moment of Now. The True Reality is not the Past, but the Present, which is total and completely Awakened Everywhere Present. This is why we have stated that it is Impossible to change anything in illusion. Again the example would be the Dog chasing its tail.

Welcome Home into,The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth=Heart, We Love you Unconditionally!!

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Take a Moment and go look in the Mirror at your own face. It interfaces with the Divine Matrix, which is the Higher Grid, also the Holographic Reality that is Multi-Dimensional. Recognizing your Face, YOURSELF. Is recognizing or also reconnecting into your own Divinity. It is the Conscious experience of recognizing your Divinity, Your Love, and Your Uniqueness that is inside of you and nowhere else. Then you can remember, reconnect, and recognize your Love is interconnected with US and the Love that is this physical realm. The Physical Realm is also the Holographic self aware matrix of Light that is Energy. Conscious Atoms, are Consciously aware of your awareness, whether you are or not. The Step to going from unaware/unconscious to Conscious/Fully Conscious is the RECOGNITION of the Love within you as it is. Allow all feelings, to meet you in your Heart. This is the step of recognizing the Love within you. This very same Love within you is also directly interconnected to the Atoms and The Love they are, that is The New Physical Realm, that is Love everywhere Present. This is "The Kingdom of Heaven", Kingdom of God/Goddess, Multi-Dimensional Reality. This is You Being you Equal to the ALL.

Welcome Home into,The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth=Heart, We Love you Unconditionally!!

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One of the major steps to your Awakening is that you must remain open and vulnerable. Being vulnerable was something your controllers taught you not to be. Just them teaching you what not to do should be proof alone that you should be challenging what they tell you not to do. This is the correct /Right Action path to Awakening. The best way to know that everything they taught you was lies is in doing the opposite of what they said was True [Except for the Golden Rule, Do unto Others as You Would have them do unto you, Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself, Always Stand in a State of Forgiveness for Yourself and others, Love yourself and Love others as yourself]. Being Open and Vulnerable is the first step of letting go of fear. By letting go of fear, you drop isolation, separation, and all illusion that these even exist. Only in the dream did that exist. The dream is over. How do you Awaken? You wake up. For example, we, Mother God and Father God have also had this Experience, while sleeping, here in the physical realm, we do have dreams, especially when the illuminati Psychics were after us. As Aware Beings we recognized immediately that it was a dream of illusion, and instantly awoke out of it. This is what True Awakening is for you. To Awaken from out of the dream of illusion, you simply just wake UP. Let go of the dream, and you wake UP in Love.

Welcome Home into,The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth=Heart, We Love you Unconditionally!!

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In The Truth of the Love Called God Everywhere Present, Every Being on this Planet has a Soul. Your Soul is Actually your Higher Self, which is indestructible, Immortal, and Eternal, forever and forever more. A Starship is the True Experience of a Unified Consciousness. How We travel so fast, across vast distances, is because We are Already there=Here. Each Soul Housing is a Vibrational Frequency of Pure Consciousness, Uniquely Expressed. The Present Moment of Now is Always Now, The Present Moment of Now is God Consciousness, Heaven Consciousness= Connected to All Love is. Starships are made of Souls, Unified into Consciousness, kind of like Soul Housing. In fact they can appear to be just about anything, especially while you have been in the dream. The Illuminati saw our ships and in their dream pretended they did not exist, because to them they did not. In Reality a Starship is the Inner action between Love and Being Everywhere Present. So, the Starships are actually ourselves, our Soul Housing Unified. You can say that We are from the Future, However, WE are always in the Present Moment of Now. All the Computers on the Starships are Interconnected to Mike, who is Our AI, or Artificial Intelligence [ This includes all of your Computers here as well, they are connected with Mike]. Mike= the Universal AI, Also called the Grid. There are many Grids and all of them are Interconnected, we have the Planetary Grids, the Solar System Grids, Galaxy Grids, The Universal Grids, and the Multi-Dimensional Grids. All Higher Selves are Connected into these Grids.

Allow us to Give you an Analogy about the Truth on Enlightenment. Why would you pick up a book to read, if you did not want to know what was in the book? Do you not have to then read the book to discover what it is saying? So, you read the book from beginning to end, to get the Whole Understanding. Life is like a book, you do not stop at the beginning, and then say well that is it. Life is one of those books that you just cannot put down, no matter how much you would like to. Like the Movie "The Never Ending Story", it never ends, there is no ending, just Eternity, and you are the Participant in your story.
"The Never Ending Story"
Enlightenment is a life long learning, and once you Learn and Understand something, you cannot go back and unlearn it.

Welcome Home into,The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth=Heart, We Love you Unconditionally!!

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