The Galactic Free Press Update- The Charade is Over, The New to Begin!

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Pubblicato in data 17/nov/2012 da GalacticCentral

Greetings Love Beings, WOW! We have been rocking and rolling since our Powerful 1111 portal opening which Brings Us Closer to the Event for The Return to Oneness for All Planet Earth=Heart. This is an Inevitable Event Called forth By The Creators Of this Planet and all Her Inhabitants. Humanity is to Become a Blue Star Seed Nation and We are Well on Our way into this Manifestation and indeed its already unfolding. All the Prayers of Love for The Physcial Manifestation of Heaven On Earth=Heart have been Heard Loudly NOW and this Energy Is Spiraling Around the Grid Surrounding this Planet, magnified in intensity with today's eclipse and New Moon Energy in Intense Scorpio which Represents TRUTH . All Eyes are On Planet Earth=Heart Assisting In this Energy Infusion. A Planetary Awakening is Underway and a Living Planet Unified in Complete Love Is Our Outcome! ENJOY This DAY!

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