The Galactic Free Press Update- The Galactic Alignment of 2012! An Inevitable Event

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Pubblicato in data 20/nov/2012 da GalacticCentral

Greetings Love Beings, The current energies are continuing to swirl about the Planet in intensity which were maginfied through our Last Eclipse, these energies will continue to increase in intensity. The Energy of Heaven is Here! This is also creating those energies which are not in alignment to come up for review. We are witnessing this now reflected in the middle east and in Greece. What is occurring in these area's, is multi~ dimensional, and is serving Humanity in many ways, whether you can see it or not. Since our Last portals and Powerful Solar Eclipse, The Planet has Lifted In Vibration at a Very Quick rate and everyone Now must rise to meet this energy as Well. There is no going back. This Incoming Energy is Requesting Love and Peace for Planet Earth and this is the Inevitable Outcome.

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