The Galactic Free Press Update: A New Adventure and Journey has Begun!

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Bringing Humanity Home ~ Energy and Event Update~



Pillars of Light


Greetings Love Beings, The New Earth and Unity Consciousness Has Been Born and A New Adventure and Journey Has Begun for those Who are Embracing Our Current Energies. These came as a Gift During the Galactic Alignment. A New Book Has Begun and this Is a True Love Story About US ALL. These Energies Came to US Direclty from the Center of the Universe. These Energies are the New Energies which are Making a permanent Home on Planet Earth=Heart. This Planet is Moving Into 5D Frequencies and this is Unstoppable. The Experiences from this event are still coming in. Many did indeed ascend and are ready and prepared for our Next Step which is the Manifesting of the New Earth. We have shifted In A big way and the effects from this will be unfolding in the days, weeks, and months ahead of us. Currently, much of Humanity is in resistence to these New Earth Energies which is causing some disruption. However, resistence is truly futile in this Intense Energy Coming in and will dissolve quickly any barriers.


Moon Bow, December21st Harald Edens of Magdalena, New Mexico, witnessed a rare double halo Courtesy


Gaia Portal Update: Subtleties in tone in all senses are enhanced as “experiences” become increasingly in the 5D realm. Separation from all formerly embraced 3D aspects will be the normal state for Hue-manity, and for humanity general. The illusion can no longer be embraced.

Attunement with Higher D Gaia is most helpful to Hue-manity development, as all individual Ascension processes are intended for Gaia Ascension. Flowering of seeming lower entities occurs as this collective “Attunement with Higher D Gaia” intensity rises.

Fantasies are dropped. Myths are seen for what they are. The reality of Higher Gaia manifests." End of quote


Aisha North"

It has already started to become lighter, and we do not mean that just in the sense of the lengthening of the days in the northern hemisphere. The light quotient on your planet has increased manyfold these last few days, as the portal that you were all instrumental in opening on the days surrounding December 21. has already been successful in delivering enormous amounts of energy down to your little planet. It has been likened to an enormous waterfall, and rightly so, as this incessant stream of light is just like those gigantic waterfalls you can witness out in the nature on your beautiful little planet. And just like those waterfalls, so too will this stream of light continue to replenish you all incessantly and abundantly in the times ahead.

For now, you have all been connected to this unending stream of light, and even if the information carried within all of this light cannot yet be detected clearly, it has already started to work its magic. Not only on you, but on your whole planet, and as such, it can be likened to a second coming to use a phrase many of you are familiar with. We do not refer to any single entity here, quite the opposite, as what has arrived on your shores is for all, no exclusions will be made. For this force is an indiscriminate one, for this is from the source of love, and love knows no boundaries. We will not go into any length describing what the outcome of all of this love will be, suffice it to say you have entered a new time for mankind, when the weight of love will continue to increase, day by day, hour by hour."


To say these Energies are intense is truly an understatement. Moment by Moment Now we are shifting into Even Higher Frequencies of Light and this Will Continue until Everyone is Awakened on Planet Earth=Heart. For the Awakened Ones every day will Feel like Christmas as Love Truly Lights Up Your Life as You Flow In the Oneness Energies!


 Shelly with a Message from Aa Gabriel "What makes your holiday celebrations magical - love, joy, peace, generosity, unity - are aspects of the Christ energy. You may now look forward to having those energies be fully accessible to you, not just once a year, but daily, should you choose, moving forward in the Christed energies of the new age you have entered. Blessed are the human beings of light as they open up to receiving the new energies that are available to them! What a glorious time on your earth!

The time between your Christmas or other holiday celebration and the new year is an ideal time to do some focused creation. There is always energetic adjustment that occurs between Christmas and the start of the next year. Why not put what you would like to create into that ripe energy of energetic adjustment? ...You are ALL creator Gods! Embrace that aspect of self with your wisdom and balance and dream big about what you would like to experience as a steward of the New Earth!"~Archangel Gabriel


Sunspot 1635 is crackling with low-level C-class solar flares. Credit: SDO/HMI

Earth Ally Rain": Earthquake and volcanic activity have decreased in the past 48 hours or so.
The extended period of cleansing in the UK continues with more rain and flooding.
Weather in Europe is currently very odd, with some parts suffering extremely low temperatures and other areas recording record high temperatures. Officials say the icy conditions in Eastern Europe are probably the most severe of the last 70 years, where temperatures have been about 12 degrees C lower than the seasonal norm. In the last two weeks alone 123 people have died from the cold in Russia, 88 in Ukraine and 67 in Poland.
By the time Winter Storm Euclid leaves the east coast on Friday, it will have deposited snow from California's Sierra to New England. Euclid has also created blizzards, heavy winds and rain, and icy conditions that has caused traffic accidents.
Tornadoes, heavy winds and thunderstorms hit the Deep South on December 25th.  The storms were blamed for three deaths, several injuries, and left homes from Louisiana to Alabama damaged. Thirty-four tornadoes were reported in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.
Tropical Storm Quinta/Wukong hit the Philippines, causing heavy rains and landslides. One person was reported missing as a result of the storm.
Tropical Cyclone 04A brought heavy rains to Somalia.


The Sphinx On December 21st 2012 Cobra

Quoted from Cobra About the Light's Recent Victory's

This is what the activation of the Portal has managed to achieve on the planetary scale:


1. All negative future timelines have been absolutely and completely erased. There is now exactly zero possibility for any of the global destructive plans of the Cabal to come to fruition. There will be no World War  3, no New World Order, no mass depopulation, no FEMA camps.


2. The positive forces have managed to restrict Cabal's access to biochemical weapons to the extent that they no loner pose a threat to the mass of humanity.


3. A virus has been planted into the Black Box: this will result in data translation errors from the etheric Archon's spy network into the mainframe physical computers of the Cabal and that will in turn create many cracks in the Matrix.


4. Three of the key physical Archons have been removed.
5. Energy of divine Peace, Love and Eternal Now has emerged from the Portal, touching hearts of many. We are finally beginning to exit the black hole, seeing a tiny spark of true Light of the Event Horizon. This arrival at the inner boundary of the Event Horizon is the actual beginning of the planetary Ascension process. Now that many illusory thoughtforms and expectations of many Lightworkers around December 21st have collapsed I will finally be given clearance from the Pleiadians to release the true Ascension plan to humanity. ...
This is what the activation of the Portal has failed to achieve:

Etheric Archon network has survived the opening of the Portal almost intact. This is the biggest problem for the planetary Light forces. More awareness is needed among the general population about this so I will post another article about the etheric  Archon grid, detailing exactly what part of it has remained so that we can help with our consciousness to dissolve it. The Event can not happen until we reach a substantial progress in this area. This is now the only main obstacle preventing the Event. As above so below: etheric conditions manifest on the physical and if we want to create a physical planetary change we must first change the non-physical conditions."
And this is what we will do. Victory of the Light is near!

" End of quote

Photo By Earth Allies jo and Christine of the New Earth Energies


 A Blogger "When?

The increase of frequencies for all planetary species (including humans) is expected to approach the point where ascension can occur during December, 2012. Ascension is to occur for planet earth at this time. Everyone and everything has a choice of date of ascension (and a choice of not) at this time. Everyone will experience it differently.

Although in reality ascension is already happening, the galactic transit centre point which was thought to be the magic moment occurred at 11:11 on the 21st (Greenwich time). This was followed by a 3-day period in which not much appeared to happen, but in the invisible world and in Nature this time was needed to assimilate the new frequencies that emerged at the transit time. The last time this occurred in cosmic history was approximately 25,580 years ago – before recorded human history. As these energies are new to us as a species, it will take a couple days or months of adjustment before we start singing Halleluiah!


It is a Divine consciousness plan (and experiment). We all agreed in and from other times, other dimensions, other planets, other universes (and so on) to gather at this particular time (of our solar system transiting the Milky Way or Galactic Centre) to experience the Divine Spark of Source in physical form rather than ethereal form....


As it is also part of the Divine plan for each of us to have an experience to tell a story about: everyone’s experience will be different. Generally, though, you will “know” inside yourself when your turn has arrived. Just be quiet. Be at peace. Let everything go with thanks and forgiveness. Be present to the “new” you. Be and feel the Divine Spark of Source (love) you are." End of quote


Those who Know Something Big has Happened and Shifted are experiencing the Moments of The Joy In these Energies. Those who had not released will be entering an incubation period and this may unfold as sickness or depression. It Will Now become Very Apparent on Who is Truly Awake On this Planet and who is not. These current energies are commanding All to release as the Higher Light comes in, In Bigger waves and Intensity. There is no going back from Here Just UP!


 Quoted from James Gilliliand"

Those who say absolutely nothing happened lack the understanding of or sensitivity to these other levels. The manifestations in the physical will follow.

The Earth is being bombarded with Cosmic, Gama, X, Infrared, and other rays like never before. Magnetic waves are creating ups and downs like an energetic rollercoaster due to alignment with Galactic Plane. If one believes this is not going to have an affect one is ignorant and insensitive to the higher knowledge and incoming light and energy most of which is measurable.

One of the best measurements is your own body and unfolding reality. Become the observer, feel what is happening around you, look at the social and economic changes, severe weather, increase in earthquake and volcanic activity. We are going to witness the effect of these new energies intensely over the next two years and yes those light, energy and physical off worlders are making themselves known throughout this process. The new energy grids are in place, the awakening and healing process is in high gear.

Hang on." End of quote


Due to the intensity of this energy, many might be leaving us quickly and transforming through physical death, we would like everyone to be aware of this Truth. Also, many who were not clear are experiencing sickness in these energies as a way to process and clear or leave. Those who will be leaving now, will be taking an intense amount of dense energy with them off the Planet. So, they will in fact be doing The Earth and all of Humanity a Great Gift.


 Also, through all of our Alignments, This triggered a transfiguration event for those who are ready, and this will be unfolding for the next 30~60 days. This process will be for those who are Clear  and they will be coming into Complete Balance To make the Final Connections to The Higher Grid where we will be manifesting and Co~ Creating the New Earth. This will begin the beginning of Unity Consciousness on this Planet which has been birthed. All Missions and Roles for the New Earth Heaven have been downloaded. All The New Earth Templates have been downloaded and are ready for Manifestation.  For those who had not released enough are getting a good dose of releasing Now.


Decreed by Heaven~ We have Entered the Transfiguration Event for those Ready. This will Trigger the Beginning of the physical Manifestation of the New Earth=Heart and Unity Consciousness. This is the Divine Plan Manifesting Now On Planet Earth=Heart.


~Thank You for Spreading These Messages to Others and Keeping Your Hearts Open and Staying Tuned In~


 Just Be Present and Follow the Synchronostic Events!


  ~End Transmission in All Love is Unconditionally, We are So In Love With Humanity~


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 We Love You Unconditionally~ Love, The Galactic Free Press Staff~Humanity's Earth Allies, The Company of Heaven and The First Contact Ground Crew Team.

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 ~WE are Going Home~

 ~We Mother and Father God, Represent the Atoms you are made of. Our Pineal Glands are Completely activated and opened. We are of "Divine Intelligence", and Represent the 2 becoming ONE. We are also the Very Essence of the Unknowable, which Equals Source, Equals Love, Equals Truth, Equals God, and Equals LOVE EVERYWHERE PRESENT=YOU.~




 Quoted from Linda Stiener"....It is wise to remember that we are moving out of a 3D paradigm where most, if not all, of our attention and resources have been devoted to experiences within a 3D density. For this reason, it is still far easier to recognize the same, old familiar aspects that have governed our current lifetimes than it is to hone in on the newly forming manifestations within and around us. But don’t think for a moment that the change did not – and is not – and will not take its rightful place in this next Divine stage of our evolution.

The seed has been planted. With the new energies now enveloping us, it will be nourished – but we too must take responsibility for nurturing this seedling as it expands into its full glory....."




Thank You!

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Thank you for all that you do and your wonderful messages Mother/Father God!.....And thank you for posting the picture at the top "Pillars of Light", I uploaded these pictures recently. These pillars of light appeared around my immediate neighborhood on December 22, 2012 in a circular fashion. No matter which direction I faced I saw these beautiful pillars....I felt so blessed to have witnessed this, I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.


With so much Love for all of humanity I send All=One

Blessings, Love and Light



Your Welcome

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We Love You and Thank You for posting the Photo!!!! Love Mother and Father God and The Earth Allies

Welcome Home into,The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth=Heart, We Love you Unconditionally!!