~ Galactic Love Party, Happening NOW!~

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Photo Of Earth Ally Kai during the Mission Accomplishment! By the Creek of Love and the Balancing Act to the center! Photo taken by Flashron in Mt Shasta

Greetings Love Beings So Much is Happening!  You can Join Us Live Today through this evening as We Bring In the Light for a galactic Love Party of Overflowing Joy! WOOOOHOO and a YEEHAW! You can Join us Live Now at 3:00pm Pacific till?.. at this Link: http://tinychat.com/galacticpress



See You there everyone, as Love is Pouring IN! and Don't Be Shy! Love Wins!

Love The Earth Allies




Had a good meeting with

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Had a good meeting with everyone yesterday, so full of Love. Havent felt anything like that for a very long time

Love and Light

Prepare for liftoff everyone!

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Love is the rocket fuel that powers our collective flight from planet separation to our destination of Oneness, peace and joy! The countdown has started so open your hearts and let the Love pour in and fill you up! There are no seat belts, so just enjoy the ride of your life!

Blessings All