Genetic Upgrade is Possible with The Flying Rainbow Lasagne

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I like to say that The Flying Rainbow Lasagne is like open source code for one's DNA. Although I am the originator of the idea, I am definitely not the only person who may make use of it, and in fact, I am here in this dimension right now in order to share the concept of the FRL with as many people as possible.



Lessons for Full Spectrum Humans is a series of recorded online lessons on interactive whiteboard, along with a written Q&A and biweekly videoconferences. The subject matter could be described as "Flight School for Interdimensional Voyagers". Beginning with a description of the basics of energy body anatomy, and moving into a detailed portrait of the non-physical energy realm that is comprised of time itself, this course is designed to teach students the necessary concepts which form the foundation of The Flying Rainbow Lasagne (FRL).


The FRL is an interdimensional portal shape that I created during my journey walking-in to this dimension. It is what happens when a torus, or donut shape, is placed in a higher dimensional space, thereby adding an additional degree of freedom. The significance is that, when applied at a genetic level, it allows a DNA-bearing organism to overcome blockages or degradation of the code and create or regain previously unaccessed traits and abilities. 




So, I invite you to watch this video excerpt from one of my Lessons for Full Spectrum Humans, and please visit the link in the video description to sign up for the course.


Rainbowrifically yours,