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I am Aurora, a galactic walk-in and visionary artist who came into this dimension in 2001 through an Interdimensional portal I created and named The Flying Rainbow Lasagne.

The Flying Rainbow Lasagne is like open source code for your DNA: it is a new idea which, instead of being guarded for secrecy and personal gain, is being shared openly with the world so that everyone may benefit.

The benefits incurred by configuring your genes and energy field into a Flying Rainbow Lasagne include: cellular regeneration and vitality, perceiving multidimensionally, achieving an additional degree of freedom in navigating the sea of possible waveforms, accessing one's higher faculties, and redefining the transformative experience of death.

If any of that sounds interesting to you then I invite you to enroll in my class, Lessons for Full Spectrum Humans.

All of the information I present is not merely a rehashing or amalgamation of the teachings of others, the information comes from my own direct perception through my Third Eye and from communicating in telepathic rapport with my higher dimensional family of consciousness.

This year, for the first time, class will be taught both in person and broadcast as a Webinar, as well as including the series of 20 recorded Lessons. That means that anyone with a the right computer equipment can participate from anywhere in the world, and I'm happy to report that so far the class has students from USA, Canada, and Columbia, and will soon be available in Spanish.

Please follow the link below to read the full course description, find out about tuition and registration, watch sample videos, and learn more.

Thank you very much,

The Jewel

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This morning I watched a beautiful jewel slowly manifesting itself out of my Third Eye (6th  chakra).
It is diamond shaped and turning very slowly. 
It is dazzling and has all the hues of the rainbow but more deep and vibrant in color.    
As it is turning, it is shooting out brilliant flashes of white light.
Could it be that this is the Spark?
This is the Word
  This is the Thought
  This is the Energy that creates
  This is Manifestation
  This is the Answer  
  This is the Question
This is the Solution
   This is the Problem
   This is the Negative
   This is the Positive
   This is Awareness
   This is Perception
This is Consciousness
     This is Ying and Yang
This is our breath flowing gently in and out
     This is Beauty
     This is Hope
       but most of all Love
This is the All
     This is the Beginning
      This is the End   
         and then we’re back to Start again

Aug 18 Blue Moon Galactic Upgrade & Update with the Hathors & Mother Mary

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Private distance sessions, coaching and psychic medium support available. Just ask!

This transmission/channeling is from the highest order and meant to assist in your adaptation during this time as we approach another Star of David in the sky on Aug 25th, and tonight's (Aug 20th) Blue Moon in Aquarius. The "information" is energetic and deeply healing, more so than mere "INFO."

Themes include:

Genetic Upgrade is Possible with The Flying Rainbow Lasagne

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I like to say that The Flying Rainbow Lasagne is like open source code for one's DNA. Although I am the originator of the idea, I am definitely not the only person who may make use of it, and in fact, I am here in this dimension right now in order to share the concept of the FRL with as many people as possible.



You Can Dance Like A Flying Rainbow Lasagne!

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This excerpt from Lessons For Full Spectrum Humans epitomizes not only the ideas presented in the online course, but also my motivations for sharing them:

You don't have to pattern your genes and their expression upon the people you see around you, you can dance like a Flying Rainbow Lasagne, and achieve the full potential which is written in your DNA!

To learn more, please register for the course here

Many thanks, Aurora


Making Friends With Beings of Pure Light...

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This is a series of clips from Lesson 20 For Full Spectrum Humans: The Future and Beyond. The final lesson in the course talks all about creating a star traveling vessel made of telepathically linked minds/energy bodies.

To watch full lessons, please register for the course via the link in the video description.

The Summer Session begins today, June 17 2013!!

many thanks, Aurora

Extraterrestrial and Extradimensional Influence on Human DNA, and resolving duality

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This is an excerpt from Lesson 19 for Full Spectrum Humans. To access the full lessons, please register for the course here:

This Lesson describes the use of The Flying Rainbow Lasagne as a conceptual tool to resolve the illusion of duality and so achieve higher states of consciousness.

many thanks, Aurora


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