Getting recognition of the cancer cure.

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Getting recognition of the cancer cure.

Those readers of this site should be well aware that cannabis oil eaten each day combats tumors while encouraging the replacement of them with healthy new cells. 

Surgery takes something out. 
then there is a left over spot, 

so how can surgery compete with cannabis ? 

Well, anyway , 
What I ask you all to do is sign up and sign this, 

my goal is to get the threshold signature count in love so that we can make it that every person who signs into the whitehouse petition site sees this 


right now only we can see it via direct link

when anyone can view the petition someone will learn about healing cancer


trust me the medical business is no cup of tea, in fact the tea was made illegal and replaced with bitter pills, 

lets fix that!

Hopeful you spin the wheels of levitation, the higher consciousness, however you like to, so please tune in , out of social mind which DOESN'T CARE , and realize that its very easy to find some of your respected acquiantences, friends, etc, and get them to sign too,