GFP Newsletter - 10/10/2019

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In Aramaic, repent simply means return, look back; that's all. Take a count back: the day is gone, look back. Just watch again, take note when you failed in awareness -- that will help you tomorrow, it will enhance your awareness. And take note when you failed in compassion -- that will help you tomorrow to be more compassionate. And also take note when you succeeded in being aware and compassionate. Don't feel any pride for it either - - no guilt, no pride. It is not a question of guilt and pride; it is simply taking an account of the day that is gone before you go to sleep, just looking back, with no evaluation -- neither condemning oneself as a sinner, nor being very very proud that "Today I have been so aware, so compassionate; I have done so many good deeds." Nothing of the sort - - just noticing back, what happened from the morning to the evening. This is also a method of becoming more aware.



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