GFP Newsletter - 3/24/2020

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Any action that happens through awareness is right; any action that happens through unawareness is wrong. But see the emphasis. The emphasis is not on the action itself, the emphasis is on the source -- awareness or unawareness. If you act fully aware, then whatsoever you do is right. If you move mechanically and do things unconsciously as if you are a sleepwalker, a somnambulist, then whatsoever you do is wrong.

Awareness is right, unawareness is wrong.

But if you go to the priests, they will teach you what is right and what is wrong. They will not give you insight, they will give you dead categories. They will not give you light, so that you can see in every situation what to do and what not to do; they want you to depend on them. They don't give you insight into things, so you have to remain dependent forever. They give you crutches, but they don't make you stand on your own feet.

Avoid the priests. Whenever you go to any kind of experts, their whole effort in fact is how to make you dependent on them.



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