GFP Newsletter - 4/10/2019

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I accept the totality of it. I accept the mud, I accept the lotus, and I accept all that is in between. Hence I am bound to be misunderstood by everybody. The spiritual people will misunderstand me because they will think I am a materialist -- that I don't believe in the soul, that my preaching of love is nothing but a preaching of sex, that in the name of love I am only teaching people sexuality. And the materialists, the Epicureans, the Charvakas, they are also going to misunderstand me, obviously. They will say that my talk of sex and earthly love is only a trap to take you to those non-existential abstractions -- ecstasy, samadhi, God.

I am going to be misunderstood by both the materialists and the spiritualists. And the same is going to be the case with my sannyasins. You are going to be misunderstood everywhere -- in every culture, in every society, by every religion, by every ideology. To be with me is risky; you will have to be misunderstood. You will have to accept it as a fact of your existence.

And the reason is clear; it is because nobody in the past has accepted the whole spectrum.



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