GFP Newsletter - 4/11/2018

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Remember, relaxation is not an effort.

In America, there is one great best-seller book, entitled, YOU MUST RELAX! When I read the title, I said, "My God, You MUST... then relaxation also becomes an exercise." Then you force yourself into relaxing. And what kind of relaxation will come out of it? Either you relax, or you don't relax, but there is no question of any MUST. "Must" implies effort, doing, forcing - but for the American mind, perhaps there is no contradiction in the title.

Here you have just to relax - no must, no should, no great effort on your part. Relaxation is a natural phenomenon. The trees are relaxed, the birds are relaxed; even though they go on singing their song, it is coming out of their utter relaxation. And you are relaxed, and you are not making any effort for it.



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