GFP Newsletter - 5/11/2019

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"What is God?"

That is another name for truth -- the lover's name. "Truth" is the name given by the meditator to totality. "God" is the name given to totality, to truth, by a lover, by a devotee. Both arrows point to the same phenomenon, but the lover can't think in terms of abstract words. "Truth" is very abstract: you cannot hug truth, can you? You cannot kiss truth -- or can you? You cannot say hello to truth, you cannot hold hands with truth.

"Truth" is impersonal; it is the word given by the meditator who does not want to bring any personality into it.

"God" is the name given out of love, out of a personal relationship with existence. The lover wants to say "Thou," the lover wants to say "Hi," the lover wants to have a communion, a dialogue. It is the same totality, but the lover makes it personal. Then truth becomes God.



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