GFP Newsletter - 6/5/2020

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The scientist can know the roseflower -- he can know of what it is constituted, he can know all the chemicals, etcetera, but he will never know the beauty of it. He will remain blind to the beauty; his very approach, his methodology, prohibits him.

If you are detached you cannot know beauty. Beauty is known only when you fall en rapport, when the observer becomes the observed, when there is no wall between, when every wall has been transformed into a bridge. When there is a kind of melting, when you become the flower and the flower becomes you, then there is a totally different kind of knowing -- the way a poet knows. He will know beauty, he will not know the chemicals.

He will not know the objective flower, he will know something far deeper. He will know the spirituality of the flower, the spirit of the flower.



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