GFP Newsletter - 7/13/2019

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If we look deep down into the wave there is an ocean, and the eternal depth of it and the unfathomable mystery of it. Look deep down into your own being and you will find the ocean. And that ocean is; the ocean always is. You cannot say, "It was," you cannot say, "It will be." You can only use one tense for it, the present tense: it is.

This is the whole search of religion. The search is to find that which truly is. We have accepted things which really are not, and the greatest and the most central of them is the ego. And of course it casts a big shadow -- that shadow is death.

Those who try to understand death directly will never be able to penetrate into the mystery of it. They will be fighting with darkness. Darkness is nonexistential, you cannot fight with it. Bring light, and the darkness is no more.



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