GFP Newsletter - 8/17/2019

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The mind has only a very tunnel vision. The mind is as if you are hiding behind a door and looking through the keyhole. Yes, sometimes you can see a bird on the wing, but for only a split second, and then it is gone. You see somebody passing by -- a beautiful woman, a beautiful man, or a dog -- just for a moment, and it is gone. A moment before, it was not there; a moment afterwards, it is no more there. That's how the mind creates time. It is a keyhole.

You see a bird on the wing, and you see it only for just a second. Before that, it was not -- do you think it was not? It was, but for you it was in the future, because it was not in front of your keyhole. And after a moment it is no more again -- do you think it is no more? It still is, but for you it is past.

Mind is limited, hence it creates divisions -- past, present and future. The present is that which for a moment appears on the screen of the mind, and the past is that which is no more on the screen, and the future is that which is not yet. But let me tell you: all is, and always is. Nothing ever goes out of existence, and nothing ever comes into existence.



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