Global Oneness Day 2015

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Join us in Grassroots Celebrations all over the world and in the Annual Free Virtual Summit Event Open to All - October 24, 2015

Global Oneness Day 2015 is the beginning of the promised unity of the peoples of Earth and the establishment of many new unifying dimensions and expressions of the planetary/universal life which is now ascending into its destined function as the Universal Avatar Planetary System of Ascended Living Creation and Civilization for the entire greater universe.


The Creator Avatar Race Dimensions are now becoming present throughout the entire planetary system, and are about to be employed to manage the entire new Original Living Creation and Civilization.


This is beginning primarily in the new ascended Universal Cities of the planet which are located in the ascension grid system of the Earth’s body of ascended and creative forces.


This is now empowering the new ascended masters of creation and civilization throughout the planet and its many creation