Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – You Are The Apple Of God’s Eye

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Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – You Are The Apple Of God’s Eye – 1 October 2012

God said:

I am the making of you, and nothing is the undoing of you. So I ask you, what are your fears for? Must you keep them close to you?

Whether you get a yes or a no in life, nothing impedes you. If you cannot go left, well, then, go right. What sense does it make what occurs or what does not occur to seem so very important, as if someone else’s decision can impinge on your right to be? When you miss a train, there is another. Even when you are refused something meaningful, tomorrow you could have an acceptance. With or without the acceptance you crave, life is yours.

Obstacles to the fulfillment of your desires do not stop your life. After a refusal, you may not know what your next step is. Is that so terrible? Is it? Must you take every refusal as rejection?

I accept you. Nothing in life has to block you from Me. So, what, then, can the problem be?

No matter how much you wanted a certain job, you are you with or without it. Nothing is the determinant of your life but you. Even if you are blocked in a hundred ways, you are the owner of your own life. Be still, and know that I am with you.

You do not have to have any of the things or conditions that you think you do. You are wonderful with or without them.

You are evolving right and left. What can stop you, beloveds? Whatever befalls or does not befall, you are moving forward. Your life is not dependent upon outside events. Oh, yes, you think so. So, then, bless yourself.

Look not for your worth outside you. I have proclaimed you worthy. Let the world say what it will, you are the determiner of your life. Do not consider yourself a warrior. You do not have to fight life. You do not have to be a swashbuckler. You do not have to prove your value. You do not have to prove your identity. You are My God-given child. You are the apple of My eye.

Even if you are evicted from your home, what has happened? You think it is terrible. The whole world thinks it’s terrible. Something outside you makes a decision in your life, yet it means that you get up and move somewhere else. Eviction is not the end of your life. Nothing is the end of your life. Even death of the body is not the end of your life. When you tremble at what occurs in life, you are looking through a magnifying glass. You are seeing happenings bigger than they really are.

Life goes on. All the waves in life are not so significant as you make them out to be. What happens in life, dear ones? Nothing happens. You observe a dream, and you see the dream as of the utmost importance. Life in the world is a time-traveler, yet you live in Infinity, and you live in Eternity. What then can the difficulty be? Tomorrow another wave appears, and another and another. Even when you are riddled with dismay or are devastated, neither the dismay nor devastation stay the same forever. Let go of the disappointment now. Be happy anyway.

Ah, but you believe in time. You believe that time rules you. You believe that life has to be a certain way or it is not acceptable. With plaudits, with accusations, with understanding or without understanding, you are you. You are far more than what seems to occur in life.

You are a giant of life. Throw away your microscope. Remember that life is good, and life is yours to love. Do not judge your life. I already made you. From now on you are the maker of you. No one else. Nothing else. Hear what I say. link to original article