God Knows Everything

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God said:

Beloveds, Godwriters who write down for Me know only what they hear Me say. I, God, on the other hand, have the whole picture all at once in what could be called in an instant. A fine, deep Godwriter who hears me well may pick up a piece at a time and then another piece of the puzzle as he or she waits for Me to plop more down. Therefore, even the most sentient of Godwriters knows the short of it and not the long of it. It may be like this, yet not always. One or another Godwriter may hear me in one long patch.

However a Heavenletter reaches a Godwriter, the Godwriter is glad just so long as it comes. I am glad, too. Anything can occur in Godwriting.

As you Godwrite, sometimes you may feel as though you are like a detective pulling clues together. Something or another occurs to you, and you notice it begins to fit in somewhere. A thought pops into a Godwriter’s head. You hadn’t asked for it, yet isn’t it an everyday occurrence in regular life, too, that one thought climbs in after another? What is inspiration but one thought climbing in after another or one thought skipping away, and you don’t know how, where nor why?

No matter, every single Heavenletter is a written Heavenletter. I give it to you, and you write it down at My request.

Surely, I am whispering into your ear, sometimes lickety-split, and you can hardly catch a breath. Each Heavenletter, or part of a Heavenletter you write down, writes itself as it gets stirred up. A Heavenletter may be whipped up by a magic blender all at once. Who but I can do this?

Sometimes a budding Heavenletter feels it is overly short, and you may discover, to your surprise, that it is much longer than your initial experience of it. You remember days that would speed by and a whole morning that might take forever. This is the relative world for you. An hour can be a minute. A minute can last an hour. What in the world cannot be topsy-turvy, and any which way? Yes, let a Godwriting be what it wants to be, not a way you might prefer.

A Godwriter isn’t a numbers counter or an engineer. A Godwriter takes what comes.

A Godwriter is more like Einstein when Einstein would lie on his back in a rowboat and go where the stream took him until he reached his beautiful destination. This may, indeed, be how Einstein’s ideas came to him. Einstein knew how to idle and come out ahead.

I may well advise you to go as fast as you can in Godwriting. This is to get you away from trying too hard. Beloved, I mean for you to leave the left-brain world where you may not know how to get out of town from. This is something like moving out from the hum of busy New York City into a vast quiet meadow lane. Have I made the point?

The way to be bring forth great Godwriting is just by letting go without an ounce of having to do anything to it. Letting go is the way. Einstein was more laissez-faire and easy going.

I would say the surest way to feel frustrated with Godwriting is to strive to be the greatest. A positive attitude is fantastic. Having to be the super best Godwriter in the world may well incite you to be frustrated. It’s one thing to be Muhammed Ali, who wanted to be the Greatest boxer in the world. He can exercise his muscles. He can keep picturing his success. In contrast, a Godwriter's practice or training for Godwriting is his or her whole life.

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