God Will Lead the Way in Godwriting™ and Everything

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God said:

Beloved, you breathe of the land you live in. Geography and you, among all matters, are also One. As a matter of fact, nothing and no one is separate from you, yet, there is discovery and Self-Discovery – all the discovery there is. You breathe the air you breathe.

Imagine how Christopher Columbus felt when he first came across the New Land. Wherever you find yourself, there is more of you to find, and you are exhilarated. Ah, Self-Discovery!

You discover yourself anew. You discover your Self in the little things and in Great Magnificence as well.

What blade of grass is not great? What star not intimate? What silence not earthshaking? What wondrousness not a wonder to behold? What story not starry-eyed? What marvel not marvelous? What in the world and out of the world cannot bend you to your knees in abject love?

What exists that you will not stumble on? What Greatness can you not be? I speak matter of factly. I speak from that which is greater-dimensioned than fact. From beyond dimension and beyond dimensionlessness, you and I speak.

You yourself are many-dimensioned and beyond all the known dimensions connected to all the souls on Earth. You are greater than the Great. There is greater knowledge than anything you presently are presumed to know. Definitely, in life, you are an explorer. You are greater than anything you imagine. You are greater than anything you cannot yet imagine. Yes, you are beyond belief, and yet you rise every morning and go to sleep every night.

There is also the sense in which everything is imagined. You imagine the cup of tea before you with its steam arising. You are also greater than you can imagine in this moment you call a matter of time, no matter how splendid you find it or not. You also know, and you also sense more than you dare believe. Yes, you are beyond belief and far beyond what is called common sense. You have wonders to perform, yet you come from beyond time and space. You are beyond any vortex. You are beyond life itself. You are a bout of energy or something you can’t quite put your finger on.

You are just beginning to ride in a coach like a diamond in space.

You cannot begin to dream of all that which you can alight on, yet you may already be alighted on your wildest dreams. You have hardly begun, and yet you have no beginning or end. You are not a composite. You are beyond everything known or unknown. You are beyond extraordinary and beyond extraterrestrial and all that which may lie beyond or further than imagined in time or space.

Beloved, you and I, Beloved, are not a heartbeat away. There is one consensual heartbeat!

When you Godwrite, My thoughts are like a necklace, one bead or one thought always leading to another. When yours is the hand that writes for Me, you don’t know where I am taking you. You just feel you progress at any given moment. You know not where, just that my next few beads will take you somewhere you want to go.

I, God, am not exactly linear. Logic has limits. I, God, go deeper than logic. I AM beyond limits anywhere you look. I take you where you may not consciously have as yet been before. I take you consciously now. Why not gaze upon life with different eyes that can see further and take you on as yet unknown paths? I will lead. You do know that you (that which is referred to as you) are well aware of the idea of nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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