God Willing

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God said:

Beloved, you know that when all is said and done, of course, you do hold some responsibility for the hard road your life may go down. You know better by now than to think that you are totally free of responsibility for your life. You contribute somehow, in some way, somewhat, sometimes, now and again in one way or another.

You’ve got the idea. There are ways you carry some of the weight, not all, yet some, a little. Of course, there are those in your life who seem to irritate you right and left and again and again all right.

However, if you get hot under the collar often or more, you may well have a speaking acquaintance with anger as it lives within you at its outset. If so, perhaps you stand on a slippery slope. Beloved, at the least, have the idea that there may be something you want to take a second look at while you are at it.

I know you are a good guy. I care for you with all My might. Yes, you may see that someone else has an easier-appearing life than yours. By no means does this mean that I care less for you or that I care more for someone else. The way of the world is that you don’t have the whole story. It is the way of the world to have only a partial story. This happens. So it appears to you. Mostly My children don’t know what the whole story looks like by a mile. You just know how it looks to you from where you happen to sit. Something has to give, and it may be you, Beloved. You may have come to the time when it makes sense for you to at least take a look at eating humble pie. There may be times to take a look at eating humble pie.

The world is how it sees itself. To some degree right now, you have some stuff, and everyone else has his stuff as well. You could also be perfect to some degree. This may indeed be an optimum moment for you right now. I also anticipate a landslide of greater and greater happiness strolling down for you. Root for yourself, yes. Yes, I will all this for you on your personal behalf and also for the grace of the world.

If someone is often annoyed with you, you don’t have to be his fall guy. He has his stuff, too. If another constantly seems to enact anger in you, well, here you go again. You may have thought long ago that you would never get your foot caught in such a vise again, yet something is off. Sometimes you wonder if you will ever reach the finish line and be at peace. You may say to yourself a lot in life:

“God willing.”

You have come a long ways. The other offending party may well have as well. Just now We are talking about you.

God is willing. I, God, affirm that I am willing. I want happiness to reign. Not here and there – but everywhere. Not now and then, but across the board.

Here’s a metaphor that came to Me to express the Agreement of God and Child in life when God and Child come together to fold a king-sized fitted sheet together: We come up to each other in agreement. Our two pairs of hands lift the fold of the sheet high above the ground. We clasp hands together in the center as a symbol of Infinite Oneness of Peace and Love that spring up eternally right here within Our One Beautiful Heart.

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