God's Dream of You - Heavenletter #380

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God said:

Now that you know greatness resides within you, you will begin to more easily see the greatness within others. You don't have to. It is not something you are ordering. It is something you will begin to see. You will see a whisper of greatness in others. I am there.

It takes great courage to continue on earth, plagued as you are with your thoughts and your fears. You believe that your life on earth is a running of the gauntlet, and you are out of breath. And this gauntlet continues. There is hardly a respite. You long for the still waters where you can drink and sit a while.

The still waters are within you. That is where you want to reach. The still small voice is within you, and it is within everyone. The key to unlocking it is awareness.

Instead of Pandora's box, consider life a treasure chest, from which, when you open it, angels fly. Or butterflies if you prefer.

If you could but abandon the thought of trouble, trouble would flee.

There is a lot of concentration on trouble. On germs, on disease, on accidents, on catastrophes, on fears. Put some of that attention on loveliness that befalls.

Instead of gearing yourself up to withstand what life offers, offer yourself to life gently. Be a watcher of life, a greeter of it. Do not require admittance from others. Make it a given that goodness reaches you. Do not disband your heart. Allow it.

You are not the wanderer in the desert that you fear is the case. You are not a lost wanderer, and there is water everywhere. The riches of the universe abound. Look.

And each individual you meet has a message that corresponds to a thought of yours. Stop thinking of your untowardly thoughts, and acknowledge that this person has come to you as a blessing. You are being offered something you sought. Therefore, seek goodness, and look for it.

Anticipate goodness befalling you. You predict woe enough. You predict the weather. Now predict the goodness that is waiting for you to call it to you.

Imagine an onslaught of love rushing to you. It is like an ocean, and you ride the waves of that love that rush to you. You swim in this tide of love, and you propel it with your arms, and you are immersed in it at the same time as you lightly float. And you become the ocean, and you are the current of love that reaches everywhere.

From that ocean of love, you came. And you look to meet it again. You carry the moisture of the ocean and the crystals of salt. You are a capsule of all the love that has ever existed. Open up yourself. You have been closed long enough.

Enough thinking of troubles. Think of goodness and wellness and all that I bequeath. Be a harbinger of joy, not woe. You have set forth in life to seek your fortune, not your woe. You have set forth in life to discover truth, not illusion. You have set forth to reveal My dream of you.

Consider that you are on earth for Me. As you do, the dimensions of your life will gather themselves into greatness. Even if you don't know what greatness would look like in your life, you can look for it. You can get ready for it. You can set the table for it. You can groom yourself for it. You can open the door for it.

And, when you do, you will see yourself walking in the door. Everyone else who strolls in will also be yourself.

Soon enough you will come to know that what I say is true.