The God's Honest Truth

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God said:

Beloved, keep the honesty of love in your heart secure. Let it be. Give your heart leeway as well as another's. Trust your heart. Your heart requires your truth. Dare to love! Dare to object! Sometimes all life takes is your speaking up and being heard. The world may not be so rough as you have thought. Speak your truth.

Try it. Express God's Honest Truth.

Express yourself forthrightly in as few words as possible. You can't always agree with your employer, for instance. You don't always adore, nor can you always roar. Represent yourself. Your words do not always have to be borrowed from a How-to book.

You don't have to be just right. Just speak your truth. You have a mind and heart and a mouth to speak with and ears to hear with.

Everyone is sure he is right is right from his or her point of view. And you are right from your point of view. Be honest and direct. Get somewhere. Much matters to your heart and soul, not from ego. No need to try to convince others. You speak truth that rises in your heart.

Be bold. Your own thoughts do not have to be kept a secret. Represent your truth. Speak up. You have a heart and soul. Speak your piece. Don’t tiptoe. Don’t placate. Don’t convince. Speak your own sweet truth, Beloved.

You are aware that many carry their own baggage and repeat it. The root of anger may well belong to early childhood and not so much to the person in front of you. No, not necessarily the person in front of you.

Don’t accuse. Don’t blame. Use few words. Move forward. You may surprise yourself.

Speak in a few words. I am telling you now something powerful in a few words.

Here, be forthright. Forthright means simple. Say what you have to say in a few words. Especially, in a disagreement, be amenable and hold your horses.

You do not lecture You are quick, time-saving, and to the point. Enough said. You speak. You do not dissemble. You stand up. Stand tall. There is no point in trying to be other than you are.

Speak your own sweet truth. Tension leaves. Mutual respect rises.

Simple honesty works so well that arguers can become good friends who value each other and let it be known.

It is good to make a friend. It has been known to happen. Where there is discord, there can be accord.

Bravo! You can be heard. Bravo. You are straight, simple, and clear. Speak in few words. You are here to live life. Be honest. Don't always court favor.

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