Godwriting, an Intimacy of Oneness

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God said:

I suppose you could consider the process of Godwriting as a surrender to Me. I look at this Intimacy of Oneness as My Offering to you. I have always offered Myself to you. This is not new or spectacular.

When have I not said, “Hear Me. O Hear Me, Beloveds.”

When have I not said: “I bequeath All to you, Who art the Exhalation of My Breath.”

When have I not said: “Our Hearts embrace. We are not twain, but One.”

When have I not said: “You are made in My Image.”

When have I not said: “Awaken!”

Beloveds, you are My Dream Come True. You are My Very Self.

What I give, I AM. You are My Heart. You are the Seeds I have flung to Earth as a Gift to Myself.

You Who art My Offspring are My Generation and My Blessing given and received. There is no other way.

You Who art in Heaven are My Light spread on the Soil of Earth. You are My Manna from Heaven.

You Who art in Heaven are My Thought Incarnate. I spread you out before Me. You are the Angelic Realm I gave and give to Earth as a Bouquet of Flowers.

Accept what I have bequeathed to you.

Hear Me, O hear Me, My First Words to you are: There are no Last Words.

We do not quite engage in Words. We engage in deeper than Words. From Wordlessness, you hear and feel the Vibration of My Love. From My Energy of Thought, you transfigure My Vibration into Words you know. For every Word you translate from the Vastness, We can say that you lightly press a key of music, for My Vibration is Music to your Soul and to Mine.

Our Souls entwine. We are Peas from the Same Pod.

That We are One means We are United. We are a Union of One.

Deeper than the Level of Words is Our Communion.

The Process of Godwriting is more than about Words. It is like a pressing of the Palms of Our Hands together. We use the Same Paintbrush, and create a Painting that steals Our Hearts. It is almost as if Our Hearts do not beat at all. It is like we absent the world. We are in the gap between heartbeats and between breaths. There is no action, yet a transaction takes place.

It is like We play leapfrog with Our Two Hearts that are and always were One. Certainly, you take a leap.

Abandon your intellect. Your intellect has served you well, and now its Day in the Sun has outlasted its usefulness. Now We, you and I as One, are in the Sunshine of the Heart which is naught but Love. Intellect is unable to rise so high. Intellect can gab a whole lot yet cannot reach the Heights where the Heart can go and which the Heart contains and which the Heart lets go of on Earth freely as it is in Heaven.

We meet Ourselves in a passageway We have long traveled while you may be the last to know. There is nowhere We have not already been and nothing We have not known and nowhere We can ever part from. Only you can believe you are in the Earthly realm of denseness.

In Godwriting, We surpass denseness.

Now, with all this being said, let’s get to the nitty-gritty.

The Experience of our Oneness in Godwriting does not have to be sensational! It does not have to be a Stellar Experience. You don’t have to be Lit Up. In order to experience Godwriting, let go of all Dazzling Expectations. You can be deep without knowing you are deep. You don’t steer your Godwriting. You let My Words come from where they come as they come. Your experience of Godwriting does not have to look or feel a certain way nor must your experience of Godwriting not look or feel a certain way. Godwriting is a laidback experience.

As soon as you define your Experience, as soon as you see yourself Lit Up, you remove yourself from the Experience that can only be innocent. Let go, let go. What you write is not your Godwriting.

Yes, dear ones, you are One with Me – yet, in Godwriting, you, the individual, are not God Almighty. You make way for Me.

You are not the Godwriter. I AM.

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