Like Godwriting, Love - Heavenletters

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God said:

There is only one thing that you can know, really know, and that is love. Love is the only thing you can really know because it is the only real. Love is the binder of the Universe. Love upholds everything. There would not be gravity on Earth without love. Not one flower would bloom without love. The sun would not shine. Even through what are called hard times on Earth, flowers bloom and sun shines. The tide keeps its tempo. The Earth lifts its head and proclaims love. Love does not stay to itself. Love is the nourisher of Life on Earth. Love is IT. What else is?
You can try to make other frequencies seem true, yet you can’t fool yourself or anyone forever. Despite what you may see as less than love, love is the mirror you shine in and look at yourself in. Love reflects, and love outshines everything else. Of course, it does. There is nothing to equal love. There is nothing that comes near it.
What do you carry in your heart? Love. What is it that lasts forever and is never undone? Love. Despite what anyone may say, love is all you want. Love is all you can have. Love is your environment. Love is what pulls you. Love is your evolution. It is your path. There is no other.
Love is a magnet, a powerful magnet. Nothing equals the magnet of love. You were born to love. You were born for love.

In Greek mythology, there were the Sirens who led heroes astray. The Sirens appeared as temptation, yet their appearance was all an illusion. When the Sirens were seen as the hags they were, they were not alluring at all.
Even caught up in the false allure of Sirens, heroes were seeking love. You were the heroes seeking love to be true. Love was true within the heroes and not what tempted them away from their journey. You, too, have been seeking love all your lives when love was within you. You are the carrier of love. Love is your DNA.
Even within the treachery of the Sirens, no matter how well the sirens hid love from themselves and called themselves smart, they misled and betrayed their own hearts. Their hearts were wizened, and they kidded themselves that they were mighty. They played a joke on themselves. They cackled, yet that was not laughter. They accepted dross and pushed away gold, and thought they were something.
The Sirens were myths. They were made up. They did not really exist. They were emblematic of grasping at straws. They wanted to add unto themselves, yet, what they did, was to take away from themselves. As the story goes, they never learned better.
You do learn better. My children grow. The more you grow, the more love flourishes within, and the more love is evidenced out in the world. Everything is a reflection of yourself.
You do not need to reflect razzle-dazzle. You do not need to reflect fireworks. All you need to do is reflect love, the real thing. Love will out. Love shines naturally. Like Godwriting, love has only to be allowed.
Love is not made of boundaries. Love is not held onto for dear life. Love finds its way. Love finds its way from you. Love finds its way back to you. There is nothing you have to add. You just have to let go of whatever it is within you that holds back your love. You do not decree love. Love already is. The only thing you have to do is to restrain love no longer. You may have pulled a corset tight around the love, perhaps thinking you are keeping it safe from… from… what? From itself?
Clouds may cover the Sun. Yet everyone knows that the Sun shines just the same. Clouds will lift, and the shining sun will shine on all. Love will break all bounds. Love will burst through. Love will burst through from you. It is ordained.
Say when.