Going Without? Try Going Within

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“We don’t see things the way they are, we see things the way we are”


When things aren’t the way in which you prefer them to be, what do you do about it? You fix them, right? You do something about it. You think it over then act on it. You may even call in assistance. You plan, you orchestrate, you audition, you interview. You push it, pull it, probe it, curse it, slam it, bend it, shape it, build it and make it come together.


Now life the way you prefer it is all better, whoops, got broke again. Back to the fix-it-drawing-board.


Did I mention that you sit for a while and meditate on the results you desire before you go slamming life together to fit? Sometimes minutes, sometimes hours? Oh no guess I didn’t mention that, Do you?


Our “Guides” in all their different shapes, styles, sizes and every conceivable way you can imagine are on duty 24/7 trying to “get through” to you. But when you’re entrenched in the “force it to happen” syndrome, they can’t get through, can they?


They have been all over us about meditation, not just a feeling that you may have missed, but written words, over and over. “They” know of the importance and benefit.  


Once you can sit in a room alone or in Mother Nature for longer and longer periods of time. The Stillness will begin to grip you, take hold of you. You will eventually get to where you look so forward to your "med-time" that you will begin to place the importance of it ahead of meal time, work out time, movie time, TV time, etc.


The "fix" to all of your Earth life is within you and when you begin to seek first going within, you will no longer go without.


There is a time in your history that this was as much a part of your day as is a meal, your work, recreation or making love. And you looked forward to it as much as the above.


Now the most important timeline in our resent history, dating back at least 26,000 years, this is a process that will do you more good than any other known to mankind.  


With the alignment/activation taking place this weekend, this is a most important and excellent time to sit and be still for a while each day. I have studied several styles of Yoga, Zen, Zar, Transcendental meditation, and aikido. With all these, still I learned to do it my way. Please trust me when I say to you that all you need to do is sit and be still allowing thoughts to be right where they are without resistance and just continue to let go, let go, let go.


During this energy boost over the next few days, esp Sat & Sunday, set your focus for at least 17 seconds at a time on a beautiful, bright, blue Light entering the top of your head going down your spine into the Goddess that you are sitting upon. If verbal invokation of this blue light helps to image it, do so. It has been called "The Electric Blue Lightening Fire!!! It's purpose it Power, Protection and the will to do Gods Will.


You will find that although 17 seconds is not a long period of time, that you may only hold the focus for 6 to 8 seconds at first. Practice makes you better by the second. That’s it.


Please join us all in “making” our gracious and wondrous Planet a better place to reside on, thank you very much.  




David Porter, Author of the series

Remember Who You Are -- The Awakening,