Grace as Faith

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Ananta Bindu
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Grace as Faith

Grace as Faith...

We expect what happens in our life to come as a result of actions performed by the body ..

What we don't realize is that everything the body does is due to external conditions that are beyond its control.

For example: We act or choose to act as a reaction to the perception of event's and circumstances outside the body. The external conditions and what we do about them determine our decisions as do the external results of our decisions.

It's been on-going since we began to think; one thing leading to another. All pre-configured.

We have developed a certain amount of faith in the fact that the appearance of the outer reality is the gauge of our success. We rely on it to tell us what to do next.. Again the conditions pre-configure our thoughts. Thoughts appear in and GET THIS >>> “AS” <<< our Mind. This makes it seem as if there is a thinking thinker.. There isn’t.

It was said in the last paragraph that thoughts appear “IN” and “AS” our minds… how does this work?

We have pre-existing thoughts the old thoughts are affected by the New this means the new appear IN that which appears to be our-pre-existing minds but isn’t…. it is just an ongoing flow of consciousness. It is NOT “A MIND” that belongs to anyone.

After awakening this no longer works. We will see why in a minute.

Before we awaken, we automatically and unconsciously react; being awake to the understanding that we have a choice as to how to react to our perceptions, doesn’t mean we have awakened to the existence of the REAL SELF.

Before we awaken, if catch ourselves before we react automatically, we get two bad choices and they are both bad because both validate the “I” – “Me” –as-self. If we do choose not to choose the default choice is the worst choice and its results - and it happens automatically because refusing to choose the best choice (even though it is bad) is to deliberately NOT LOVE .

Thusly free-will is a lie. You have only one right choice and that is to choose Love. This is the right-use of your god –given free-will.

Over decades we have developed the mental-habit of interpreting the good, evil, success or failure of everything we think, do and say, through, via and in the context of the body and\or the maintenance of the identity, "I" "Me" or I-concept.

We are led to different teachers, teachings, places, circumstances and experiences that evolve our consciousness. All automatically; it is pre-ordained by our OWN reactions.

For awhile EVEN after we awaken to the existence of the In-dwelling Self these mental-habits continue.

This is because perception, (up until awakening) was always interpreted in the context of what was appearing outside the body through the minds’ lens. After awakening this habitual (though disempowered) identification slowly fades.

After awakening perception still continues, but it is no longer interpreted in the same way because there is no longer any interest in the maintenance of the finite (and hence Time-Bound) “I” – “Me”-as-self. Yet we will oscillate between the awakened state and the habitual mental identification; as if we are waking and sleeping in rotation tossing and turning etc.

After awakening fully, that which is perceived is instead interpreted in the context of The Eternal Infinite Self. The mental identity as a thought or idea, the "I" "Me" or I-concept, the body, and its life which we have before NOW identified with-as-self is transcended.

In all cases whether the awakening was spontaneous or brought about by Kundalini awakening, Shakipat or Yoga or some other sadhana, making this switch can take a while, as the Will to remain focused must be developed. This is why many sages recommend being present, watching thoughts, witnessing, remaining focussed in the Now or being silent.

Then as the automatic psychological and emotional reactions are recognized to be relevant ONLY to the maintenance of the finite-imaginary identity (or Time) the mind begins to lose its grip on the Will; the mental habits are gradually worn out.

The mind then is seen to “BE Time itself” .. Time is seen to BE mind… as neither Time nor mind can exist independently of each other. At this point it can be seen that Consciousness is in fact Time. It is existence itself. It is all that exists… but YOU are beyond and prior to consciousness as IT IS THE formless-self (YOU ) that is conscious of consciousness.

Then you can see the preposterous nature of identifying with the mental identity, the "I" "Me" or I-concept, the body, and its life -as-self as YOU have transcended it.

In that case the context in which we used to experience being is no longer relevant.

The NEW world we experience AS THE NOW is not being pre-configured or ordained by the outer-reality anymore.

Instead it is appearing as the shinning forth of YOUR OWN LOVE for YOUR REAL BEING.

Do understand though that (even though you may be self-realized) you are living through “NOT AS” the body so the outer reality will take time to re-arrange itself according to your AWAKENED consciousness.

A new UNIVERSE born out of a different context (TIME) is being born ~ therefore have patience and remain in the faith of your OWN HEART.

To You (“TO THE REAL YOU”) faith is vastly different than the faith in the outer as described at the beginning of the discourse…

The faith in “THE REAL YOU”) will ONLY arise when you let go of faith in the outer context; this is because YOU ARE THE SELF… YOU have to shift your Identification to the REAL … THEN grace Will be known to BE YOUR Nature… In that case faith is unnecessary; there is instead the certainty of your own existence AS ALL THAT IS..

or the Hindu people --- This is Vishva-Grahah -- for the English this is immersion in God
so remain in the Clarity (that clarity "IS" faith itself
Om Tat Sat

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very informative

I like reading the post and it really helps me a lot. It gives me new ideas on this particular topic. I will apply all that I learn from this one. Keep on posting.  help 

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