The Greater Joy You Are

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God said:

It is like you walk on the Great Sea and a little individual Sea all at once when the Truth is that you are the Eternal Sea.

You are the Unbounded Infinite, and you are a drop of water who imagines that a drop of water is all that you are. Or, you imagine yourself as Everything and Nothing at all and all at once when you are ever truly Infinite.

The Truth is you are all-important. The Truth is you are everything I say, yet you see yourself as insignificant in a little land. As it happens, the Great Soul of you exceeds worldly Significance. You may play hop scotch around the edges of the playground that exist only on the perimeter of the Real You.

I am all for play. Enjoy. Yet there is greater Joy within you than you hardly dare squint at. Or you look at this Greater Joy as you might look at a Fairy Tale. You don’t yet quite dare to grasp the greater fields within you to explore, for these greater fields are not yet metered. You see them as uncharted while you perform a charade. In actuality, you are well-versed deeply in the Silence far more than the charades you enter into.

It is as if you wait for the Prince’s kiss to awaken you. You wait for something outside you to present itself. All along, the Prince and the Kiss lie within you. All is within you. You have forgotten only for a while. You have only pretended to yourself that you are Unknowing. In Truth, you are the Leader of the Band.

You may kid yourself in your belief that I created you and then dumped you and left you alone on a far-off land to fend for yourself. You are not abandoned. Waking up to the Truth in which you belong is a foregone conclusion. The only question is when. When is up to you even as Earth time does not exist. Beloveds, it is okay for you to stay asleep as long as you decide. Waking up isn’t simply according to your whim. That you sleep on and on doesn’t mean you are a sluggard who must wake up pronto.

I also don’t want you to think you have to wait forever to open your eyes, rub them, and see what has been right before you all along.

You do awaken yourself even as I rap you on your forehead in order to remind you.

I say: “Wake up, Beloveds! I am not separate from you. Inevitably, within you, I stir. You begin to feel that a New World is being given to you and that a New Shining Sun has come out before your very eyes.”

“Wow,” you think, “God has shaken me awake!”

You believe all the credit goes to Me, God, and, in a way, you are right, for I AM the God within you all along. You contain all that I AM forever and forever. You haven’t quite dared to gulp this thought down.

Awakened, you know a richer Joy now as you say: “Thank God. Thank God in the Highest.”

There is an extra Joy when We say: “All Glory to God.”

When you say: “My God.”

When you say: “God bless. God gave Himself to me. God gave All of Himself to me. God is. I am God blessing Myself. I am God’s Blessing. I am God’s Will.

“I am Eternal. Then, dear God, I can say I know You well. I have always known God well. I can say that I am God. This is not arrogance. I am God in the Highest, and I am God in the Humblest. I am God, the One. I inherited Myself. God is Rising.

“Now, God, You say now to me: 'The Sun shines, and the Sun shines on Itself. There is Light Alone.'

“Now, God, You ask me to say to You:

“'I, too, am the Light of God. I created Myself for the Sake of Everlasting Oneness. I created Myself so that I can meet Myself and know Myself and recognize Myself in all My Shining Splendor. What is there to know in all the world but Myself Who Art Thou?'”

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