Greeting from Florida in the US

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Greeting from Florida in the US

My name is Michael-Linn and I am a 45 yr old female looking for her way. I grew up in the "Baptist church" and I have always felt as if the information was wrong and definitely not all there. I've known I was different and have always been asked "What planet are you from?" I always answered, "I'm not sure, but I'll let you know when they come get me" I have looked for places that I would fit in and this seems to be the perfect place, as there are so many here with stories like mine, but also those who can light the path a little better for me.

I look forward to being part of all of this!

linda burman
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Hi Michael

I live in Panama City, Florida--where do you live?

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Hi, Linda

I live in a tiny town, East of Tampa, called Alturas

Reverend James
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Hello in the Tampa Bay Area

I'm on the other side of the bay from you. Always nice knowing people who are local in places.

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Very  nice to meet you both! 

Very  nice to meet you both! smiley

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Hi there! This got my

Hi there! This got my attention because I grew up with my Dad's family Baptist and my Mom's family was Lutheran. Only thing is my family didn't go to church together unless it was a wedding or funeral. My Grandparents would drive my sisters and I  to church sometimes but I  never really understood why we went there to worship God. I did not know the bible well and felt out of place there. One thing I did like however was that the people seemed nice. Anyway nice to meet you! Talk to you again soon! ;)

Tao of Jonathon
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Greetings Michael

WELCOME !!!!!! I just arrived today. I came from a fanatical background, jehovah's witness. When I left it in 1970, my family turned their backs on me. No regrets. Now I have arrived at a state of BEING. Nothing is missing.



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Hi, Aricalove and Jonathon

Nice to meet you both! must've been hard to live under the roof of two religions. I know when my parents changed religions the rules seemed to have changed...couldn't imagine the duel conflicts....Good to know you've made your way, though, in spite of it! smiley

Jonathon...I remeber having a good friend, when I was little, who was Jehovahs Witness. I felt sad for her...she couldn't join in on a lot of things. I am glad you have arrived. Namaste my friend.

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