Greetings from The Brotherhood of the law

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The brotherhood...
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Greetings from The Brotherhood of the law

The brotherhood of the law : The First Ray of Incarnation.

The First Ray is the blue ray. If you are a blue ray soul then you have blue as your soul colour. You are from the Buddhaic plane  

Of existence and a faithful teacher of the law of one. The first ray has the purpose of being the ray which manifests the Will (unity)and Power of God(unconditional love). The Chohan of the ray, a single Ascended Master focuses the Christ Consciousness of the ray. The Chohan of the blue ray is El Morya.

If you are a 1st ray soul then your are working to acquire some of the qualities of the ray - personal power, God's will over your own freewill, focus, purpose and balance.

There are many Ascended Masters working on the 1st ray - most of them are men. One of these Masters will be assigned to you to act as teacher. Your Teacher is usually with you for life. You can also be assigned to other  Masters working on other rays, for higher learning or if you are working on some aspect of your personality.

Some of the First Ray Masters are, El Morya, Melchizedek, St John, the Baptist, Metatron, Krishna, Mahakala, Osiris, Thomas Merton and Moses (Lord Ling).

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Interesting . . .

I'm not sure what to make of this, but it certainly has grabbed my attention, especially that list of names. Thomas Merton in fact, was one of the subjects of my Masters Thesis in Psychology as an example of a positive Personality Transformation. He, along with O.H. Mowrer (American Psychologist), Clifford Beers ("Mind Who Found Himself" author) and Hermann Hesse (famous fiction writer) were the main focus of that project.

My PhD thesis took this research even further and was well received by my Thesis Committee who awarded me the degree.The lives of these individuals and personal transformation experiences became the model against which I measured myself throughout my training as a Psychotherapist.

I also favor the color Blue and have all my life. One of the songs I have written and recorded is called "Purple Haze Turning Blue." Purple Haze here is a throwback to Jimi Hendrix's song by that name and, for me, refers to a state of confusion, drug induced likely in his day. My reference is about coming out of Purple Haze (3D confusion) and moving into clarity of self and life purpose - Turning Blue (5D Ascension).

This post is much appreciated. Gives me something new to contemplate as my mission unfolds through me. Thank You!

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"I'm goin over the hills now,

"I'm goin over the hills now, I'm goin into the blue" - Tallest Man on Earth

The brotherhood...
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It is an honor to serve as a messenger of the light

This is a confirmation that everything I have been experiencing recently is true. I am an awakened blue ray soul. I know how lonely blue ray beings feel, and part of my mission is to create again a community that they can be part of. this community existed 11,000 B.C years ago in the region of South America, to be more specific in the area of las pampas, Argentina. I know this because I remember this life. They were direct descendants of people of the lost continent of Lemuria and Atlantis. Our name is the brotherhood of the law. When I got this information, I had no idea what they meant by the brotherhood of the law but to my surprise I learned that their teachings was similar to the Essenes, the Nag Hammadi Scriptures/Gnostic Gospels, the hermetic teachings, the Ra material, the arcane teachings, Buddhism, Kabbalah...etc

Furthermore, we are in our spiritual evolution situated in the throat of the divine Elohim. We identify this point in our physical body as the vishuddha associated with creativity and self-expression. We are influenced by the planet mercury. Mercury, much like the winged messenger of the gods, comes in on feather-light wings and commands us to speak. Communication, intellect and awareness are all within Mercury's domain, as are logic and reasoning, our manner of thinking, and how we create and express our thought processes. We are sensible, creative messengers of the light! 
We, blue ray souls are also called the“Wanderers.” We are usually service-oriented people. Some of us are 9s /humanitarians in numerology. We often have a great deal of difficulty fitting into the planetary vibrations of Earth. Often we have the feeling that we do not fit in or do not belong but at the same time, very often, blue ray souls are possessed of many gifts, in the arts, in teaching, or in the simple sharing of a cheerful and happy vibration, which certainly does not suggest the normal attitude of a simple man. like Most of us have the feeling of being awakened or activated and is the goal of this type of contact. The duration and imagery used in dreams by the ascended masters to communicate with us varies depending upon the subconscious expectations of the Wanderer which is experiencing this opportunity for activation. 
This concept is particularly interesting to many people who will be drawn to The Ra Material because, according to that material, much of it will be most easily recognized as being useful by Wanderers. There are not just a few Wanderers on Earth today; Ra suggests a figure of approximately sixty- five million. They have left other densities in harmonious environments to take on a kind of job that is most difficult and dangerous, for if a Wanderer cannot at least begin to pierce the forgetting process that occurs at birth into this density during his or her lifetime on planet Earth, and remember the love and the light that the person was intended to share, the Wanderer can conceivably become caught in the third-density illusion, collecting what may loosely be termed as karma, and be delayed in arriving again at the home planet until all that is unbalanced in third density in this lifetime has been balanced. 

In my case I represent the archetype The Magician, Saint, Healer, or Adept which corresponds to the higher self and, because of the balance within its energy centers, pierces the illusion to contact intelligent infinity and thereby demonstrates mastery of the catalyst of third-density. Before my life in South America, I was living in an ascended planet: Aldebaran A's substellar companion "b" does actually exist with its inner orbit, with a planetary system and an Earth-type planet that formed in Star A's water zone before it left the main sequence. such an orbit was possible and the people from my home planet were amphibians. My planet orbited Aldebaran A during its youth before becoming the red giant that is today. my civilization was destroyed after it became involved in the star wars of the pleiades. many of the inhabitants of my planet reincarnated in planet earth during the time of  atlantis and are still reincarnating to help in the evolution of the earth. my planet is still in the Taurus constellation but unfortunatly with no longer inteligent life forms. Yes, successful transfer of souls was possible of beings from the Aldebaran star system. We were a high-tech civilization that actually existed in the Aldebaran star system. We continued our evolution here on earth, our goal is to assist in ending an economic disparity in Earth cultures that have fueled perpetual wars and conflict. To alleviate this disparity, we, the Aldebarans reasoned that by offering ‘free-energy’ technologies, used to create affordable mass transportation devices, a new innovative generation of  industries, promoting prosperity and greater peaceful interaction between nations might result; thus diminishing violent wars. Clearly such a plan is a work in progress. is still our dream to help our new planet to be a utopian New World based on ‘alternative science.there were two habitable planets orbiting that star and that the ancient Mesopotamian civilization of Sumeria was linked to earlier colonies of Aldebaran explorers. The seers discovered that the Aldebaran written language was identical to that of the Sumerians and was phonetically similar to that of spoken German. It was also revealed that a ‘dimension channel’ or ‘worm-hole’ existed connecting our two solar systems.

I know is a lot to digest, is only the introduction of all the things I'm learning of myself and of our group of souls. I already created a website with the same name, and a Facebook and twitter account, in case you want to learn more or want to be part of our community. A community that will understand you. Search for the brotherhood of the law. 

As above, so below. 

Peace & love my brothers

The Brotherhood of the law

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much love to you, brother ; )

much love to you, brother ; ))

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