Greetings & Love update from TWYH!

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Greetings from TWYH!

by Galactic Love Reporter Lauren C. Gorgo


art by FatherGod

Been a little over a month since my last article so I thought I would open with a quick update:

Like many of you, I am still d e e p l y in transition…shifting from my old 3D reality into an entirely new, upgraded 5D life & purpose. (Thank you all for your patience while I morph & mutate!) Lots of changes going on behind the scenes at Think With Your Heart, and it seems like hardly anything will be the same when those changes are complete, but the scope of this transition while slogging thru mud (read: adjusting to the new energies of 2012) is/has been pretty daunting, so mostly I am forced to focus on easing my way into this new territory. That said, I hope to be re-emerging very soon!

Since about the middle of January we have been enduring that old familiar snow-globe effect of being violently shaken-up…where everything is up in there, nothing is the same or feels remotely familiar and we know something big is happening, but we just can't get our feet solidly enuf on the ground to even figure out which end is up…at least for now. It will likely be this way for a bit yet, as we approach the equinox period in March (which I always find to be pretty volatile), but in the bigger picture this is all perfect because we really need this time...especially on a physical adjust to the new altitude. This settling-in period is unnerving, but required to get every aspect of our lives and bodies (key word here) adjusted to the frequencies. And tho there has been plenty of new-earthy bliss bubbling beneath the surface of our massive transformation, it has NOT been easy.

Our physical bodies are really being scoured and have been since 2012 began. The reason is because we are at the stage of embodiment where we need to finish up (focus on) the healing of many core-wounds, those issues we either incarnated with or created very early in our lifetimes. This is what we are smack-dab in the midst of, and most of these maladies also have an emotional component that we need to address so we can complete the process of loving ourselves back together.

Which brings me to my announcement…

So much is changing on a cellular level that the Seven Sisters of Pleiades and myself have been diligently co-writing what they call"The 5D-human Operation Manual", since early July. It is a comprehensive (but streamlined) 8 week intensive e-program called Cell Speak™: a beginners guide to intentional programming that teaches us how to relate to & "operate" our new biology,something that is foundational to the 5D experience and necessary for what the unseens call Phase II of ascension, post-2011. 

A lot of the information that I received over the last 6 months has been mind-expanding, and some of it just makes plain sense…but all of it reveals, with clarity, the interconnectivity of so many disparate parts of our long and winding journey to this new realm of existence. I learned so many things while transcribing this material that altered my way of being, of relating, and in some cases that blew the lid off of my thinking, but what was most impacting was knowing that what I was learning was only the very beginning of a whole new world that together, we now get to explore.

This program covers many things from the realization that our biological consitution has changed in a profound way, the reasons why that's true, the science behind that truth, the geometry behind that science….and all the way to immortality. Yes, the sisters (& I) talk candidly about immortality and the mortal programming that we are here to override, as well as biological regeneration and the ability to alter our genetic HIStory and the human genome.

Overall, the Pleiadians share with me that those at the forefront, the new-earth prototypes, will spend most of 2012 learning how to function and stabilize in 5D and that this e-program paves the way. Needless to say, I am pretty stoked to finally be sharing this co-creation with all of you. It's been a long time coming and one that, in retrospect, clearly had its very own perfect timing. Excitingly, that timing is now. 

To learn more about the Cell Speak™ e-Progam CLICK HERE


Lauren C. Gorgo



The Price?

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I do not get why the price is an outragous $288... or is it a mistake? I have followed laurens updates for a year now and have become shocked at the price if it isnt a mistake it is almost greedy! whats going on?

Yours is the discernment

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Can I tell you if you have to pay for something? I could tell you what I would do, but All is up to you, and if this helps you find your answer, be Blessed in Love. For the answer is LOVE is ALL that IS. 


And we Support Only LOVE brave Soul.


Thank you for asking and BE at PEace.

Discerning Polarisation

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Dear Andrea


Thanks for your reply. With all due respect to your view: It is impossible for Love to be wholly the state we live in if we deny the Darkness in ourselves, others and our world at large.

Then it is just polarisation - to the Light. True discernment must come with the understanding of Truth. This can only exist if we open ourselves to be more critically-minded of everything out there, including the 'dark' stuff in all its forms. And, contrary to many New Age teachings, this does not mean we're embracing negativity or we're going to be swallowed/possessed by it..We're not choosing to live in that state permanently, just see what comes up so we can release/integrate it, is all. 

If we choose not to work with our/the world's Dark out of fear of 'going there', It merely means we push under all the Dark polarised stuff into the unconscious. Just because it is unacknowledged, does not mean it doesn't exist! Which then still works on and through us on that level. Acting from a true state of Love, therefore, imo and experience, is about coming from a place of neutrality within. Once we have fearlessly 'seen' and acknowledged both Light and Dark at work - in ourselves, others and our world. Only then can we stand more freely, more balanced and more authentically in Love. To me, this is true discernment.



Discerning Polarization

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Wow. I've had this nagging question about "love being wholly the state we live in." I was so confused about this that I couldn't even form the question!. Not only did you pinpoint the question for me but you also answered it the way "I felt it to be" intuitively but ( again) could not put into words.


Lies and greed are no way to

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Lies and greed are no way to carry yourself into the Golden Age we are creating for ourselves. You peddle your worthless information to the detriment of ALL lightworkers. We all have the ability to learn and expand through meditation and practice, your products takes that power away from us and only serves to confuse and belittle new Lightworkers. Shame on you.

This is Revelation Time

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I guess these times are also pushing out our true intentions to the fore,visible for all to see. If we sold our soul to the Dark Side (knowingly or not) - gradually falling out of integrity with ourselves as people in power (whatever type), now is the time for this to be revealed to the public. That's what the increasingly-potent energetic Wave does. Deceptions are being revealed at a crazy rate right now...

All the better so we can choose to retrieve our own power!

I am deeply saddened by your

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I am deeply saddened by your 3D marketing strategy and charging for what was given to you free of charge. You are inciting fear and the savior complex by saying that people can only be taught by someone, meaning you, so you can steal $300 worth of their energy.This info is available to everyone seeking freely and without strings. This is what all the ascension work is for to remove ourselves from false matrices that are energy vampires.

For those considering this, it is not necessary because your body will prompt you to changes you need to make and how to heal yourself quickly and easily. It is fear-based thinking to require going through Lauren, or anyone else. Release the fear and continue to heal through your ascension process. The only person you need to go through is yourself. I completed "phase one" and my body is showing me how to work with my new body. Do not rush yourselves, everyone will get there. Love to all!

It's true: Dirty 3D marketing

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I'm feeling just like you: saddened. We want to override the dirty marketing, the false paradigm. Maybe I'll use it like alibi, my guides say it's advisable. We'll leave this hologram without physical death, although Lauren wants to earn money for say it. I say it for free. We'll make many wonderful things, natural things. Everyone.


You are right, the only person you need is yourself. But it was nice to read her posts.


She wants to ascend or she wants to keep playing?