Hands up for the roller coaster

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Hands up for the roller coaster

Well, December 21st has passed without much fanfare, we witnessed a long prophesised date come and pass. But where was the destruction? Or the evolution of man that so many longed for?


Since the beginning of this new era prophesized by so many different ancient cultures, there has been quite an uproar. The tragic and mysterious Sandy Hook, Government threatening Gun Control, The long talked about economic crisis, High unemployment rates. Most families living paycheck to paycheck, the threat of severe global changes and the worry of a developing police state, the list goes on and on.


While there hasn’t been any mass landings of extraterrestrials or sudden cataclysms, We are in a great state of change right now. Most are like frogs boiling in water and cannot see the greater cumulative effect of all these seemingly negative forces at work.  But if we stand back and give our current situation and overview… DANM!


One thing that we all can agree on is that however deep down, every human desires peace, a loving environment and the opportunity to prosper. But all the current circumstances are in a way preventing us (Humanity) from achieving this state of living.

But What I have gathered from my few years of research, is that this shift that we were all supposed to experience during this time (based on ancient religions and cultures) was one that would bring a “Golden Age.” Many tried to predict what that would entail, Most were wrong. The only logical way to look at this is to see what is in front of us.

I see a world in great turmoil. We are like a sea that has been hit by separate hurricanes that span the entire ocean. Waves are everywhere and navigating them is impossible.

So what are we to do?


The first step is obvious, we stop, stand back and stop fighting the winds, We cannot change the direction of the wind, only set our sails.


To understand where I am going with this an understanding of Greg Braddens research will greatly improve our predicament.





If all of our hearts create this “field” that affects one another, than what are we spreading today? I don’t know about you but I have been caught up in Fear. Worrying about the current direction we are heading seems only natural. But like a house being remodeled, before any great changes can occur the home will go thru a state of chaos as walls are torn out, and demolition occurs. Perhaps this is where we are at?


Before any great changes to our current system, it has to be deconstructed, and without the peoples desire to create change, nothing would happen. Well, I believe, and hope, that people will desire to create change if enough pressure is forced upon them.

Throughout history we have seen great brotherhood of man when the times call for it. Men and Women from all over come together to build a safer environment.


With the population as large as it is today, this sets us up for a shift unlike anything we have ever seen. The question is, Will we come together to solve our problems, or turn on each other like beasts?


Our Emotions control the magnetic field that surrounds us, which in turn effects the field that surrounds the person next to us. Which grows in an exponential fashion.  Therefore the outcome of where we are now, is largely on each of our shoulders. We are responsible for ourselves first, and then others can benefit from our efforts.

There is a great illness that has swept our world as of late. I don’t know about you but where I am from, everyone seems to be getting sick.


Could this be a manifestation of our fear and anxiety as a whole people?


Fear is known to be one of the most powerful forms of control and thru Gregg Bradens research, I can fully understand why. We create our own environment with what we allow ourselves to indulge in.


The powers that be, only carry their power as long as we hand it to them.  Perhaps its time to question why we are giving them our power?  What have they done to deserve our adoration?


I am not calling for war, civil unrest, or uncontrolled anarchy. But I am saying, Why give them our power?


I am a free man, I have no master, and I will live by this.


I CHOOSE to view the unrest and unnatural state of things as signs that it is time for a shift. One that brings about peace, and the ability to prosper. When you get fat, its time to alter your diet. When your house burns down, its time to build a new one. When the snow covers your driveway, its time to shovel.


Why view these changes as anything different? We are the ones running the show, Not the ones that “Claim power”


The greatest travesty has the possibility of bringing with it the most beautiful changes, We are birds in the wind, calling for a place to land. All we have to do is choose.