Hang on to your saddles for dear life for the next short while. ~ by Ron Head

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The Councils of Selves

We continue.

If you could see what is happening to so many others at this time, as we do, you would have a much clearer and more optimistic view of your circumstances than most of you do.  You see, clearly or not so clearly, your own progress.  You know of what may be happening for friends and acquaintances, perhaps.  Even at that, your knowledge is limited to what you are told and your own interpretations of it.

We, however, see the entire tapestry of your collective.  How could we not, since we, as we have been at pains to teach you, are deeply involved as participants in the entire process.  It is also important for you to begin to understand the fact that you are also completely involved.  That is a large part of what you will begin to understand now with the lifting of the veil, the parting of the curtain.

We will paint for you now a quick picture, if you will, of a very important process which is currently going on for many.  You have seen it mentioned here and in other places, but you may have given it less attention than it warrants.  In no way do we wish you to feel left out if the specific things we mention are not a part of your current experience.  What we wish to do is alert you to watch your own inner selves and outer lives for like changes.  Some are receiving the activation of abilities which they did not know they would have.  Some are having meetings, in dream state or out, with beings other than those they thought possible.  Some have sat in a moment of wonder upon realizing that certain things have ceased to ‘push their buttons’, as you say.  And some are able to understand that they are experiencing a merging with higher aspects of self.  And there are many, many more things that we do not mention.

There are almost seven billion of you there, each one unique in make-up and purpose.  We do not have that much space here.  So let us point out that, what you most need, to ready yourselves for what is to come next, is what you, and we, are bringing about for you now.

Some will not choose to receive it.  But those who follow these types of message will be either kicking-and-screaming or sliding-and-laughing receivers.  You have so chosen and you will NOT be left behind.

Now, it is time to surrender.  OH, you do not like that word.  And we understand why that is.  What we are asking you to do, however, is to let us have the reins for a bit and to hang on to your saddles for dear life for the next short while.  Consider it a carnival ride.  Or, as your humorists would say, “Hold my beer and watch this!”

This, dear ones, is going to be a fun year if you treat it that way.  Of course there are things to be straightened out which may not appear very pretty at the time, but keep your focus and all will be well.

With love we say, “Till next time.”

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that explains a lot

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I've been having stuff coming up still, the last week I've been experiencing severe indigestion (hardly eating anything) - which for me, is a sign that stuff is going on.  Waking in the middle of the night for no reason, heart racing, intense joint pain coming and going, releasing of toxins from the body, irritability for no apparent reason....I still haven't experienced any "otherworldly" phenomena, but I'm releasing my expectation of that too.  I'm a feeler/empath...so maybe I won't.  But...I've learned to trust what I feel!  Holding on and hoping it gets easier soon.  Thanks for your post.  It's good to get confirmation.

Like I keep saying... Your not leaving me!!

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Well I for one am ready for someone to grab the wheel so to speak! The things I've seen,felt,smelled,heard on my on well I know I can handle whatever it is your willing to gift me. If it was like last night in my dream state umm let me grab a bag of popcorn and some hot tea and I'm all ears,eyes. This is a magical time in life and  it's somehing that I have longed for since I can remember. Did my 1st Angel Tarot card reading tonight and the smile on my daughteers face lifted me so high I'm kissing cloud nine..Don't know where half of us would be if not for this site so Blessed Be and thank you all. 1 <3

IAM Goddess Hear Me ROAR!!!!