~ Happy Equinox~ Next 3 days will Be Intense

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Greetings Love Beings, Welcome to the Equinox Energies. The Next 3 days will be intense for the Entire Planet! Along with these intense Energies alot of clearing will also be taking place. The ego is dying and you might feel this quite intensly. Be Gentle With YourSelf and with Others. If You need Assistance we Do offer Awakening Sessions. You can Join us today in these Energies for Our Weekly Discussion. You can Join us Live Beginning at 10:30 am Pacific at this Link: http://tinychat.com/soundofheart   Love The Earth Allies

Big Story Weather – March 19, 2013


RedOrbit - March 20, 2013

Daily weather forecast and wrap-up provided by redOrbit meteorologist Joshua Kelly.

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly



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Closed Since Sandy, Statue of Liberty Set to Open


Weather.com - 3/19/13, AP

John Moore/Getty Images

NEW YORK -- The Statue of Liberty, closed since Superstorm Sandy damaged the island where it stands, will reopen to the public in time for Independence Day, officials said Tuesday.

Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar announced the timeline for the reopening along with U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer of New York.

To read the rest of this story, visit Weather.com.


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Volcanic activity worldwide 19 Mar 2013: Santa María / Santiaguito, Pacaya, Kliuchevskoi, Popocaté...


Volcano Discovery Tuesday Mar 19, 2013 16:32 PM |


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Latest Earthquake Activity - March 20, 2013


Source: USGS.gov
Follow the link to see quake
activity for the past seven days.

Visit Live Earthquakes Map
for live quake reporting.

10-degree map showing recent earthquakes

Map of the 6.1 mag quake at SOUTH SANDWICH ISLANDS REGION

All quakes with magnitude 4.5
or greater are highlighted.

March 20


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Morning Blessing: 03.20.13 Illumination of Spirit



My life is an Illumination of Spirit made visible!

Dynamic, harmonizing energy reverberates through my
every activity!

The sacred song of peace sings through my soul!

Health, healing and wholeness are revealed through me right now!

My essence is the Pure Potentiality of Divine Love!

God is my safety and protection, my guidance and direction!

Life is good and I adore it! And so the experience is! Amen!

©2013 Angela Peregoff | All rights reserved. Please feel free to copy and share these copyrighted Blessings with your friends, letting them know the source and inviting them to visit my website.  www.angelaperegoff.com



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Lord Emanuel Messages - Bliss Out - 20:03:2013






Daily Messages of Wisdom and Inspiration

March 20, 2013

Bliss Out




Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel, welcome, welcome, welcome unto me this day, come, come, my beautiful Children of God into the warm embrace of Love that I shower upon you now. Deep breath Dear Ones, feel the Love of God pour down upon you now and the Light of God pour into the crown chakra of your bodies and let it in, let it in, let it in. Ah now that feels better doesn't it? And this shower of Love you can have at any time of the day Dear Ones, you can call upon me, any one of my Ascended Family and indeed you can call upon your own Great God presence I AM to shower the Love and Light of God upon you at any time.


Dear Ones in times of stress throughout your day, any time you start to feel the 'old ways' of being creep upon you, feelings of stress, anxiety, any feelings of tension or anger any time you feel pulled out of the bliss that is being showered by the Love of God then take yourself aside for a minute and re-connect with this.



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2013 equinox: Sun rises due east and sets due west


Source: EarthSky.org - 3/20/13, Bruce McClure


Tonight for March 20, 2013

Moon Phase Courtesy U.S. Naval Observatory

Image credit: thatleftlane



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Update Sheldan Nidle - March 19, 2013



Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation


11 Lamat, 16 Ceh, 9 Eb

Dratzo! We come again! Your world continues to teeter on the brink of a new realm. The dark's minions are very aware of just how close your reality is to a most significant transformation. We are monitoring several developments that are being staged by the dark ones in an effort to somehow change their looming fate. The Anunnaki's 'children' have ruled your lives with an unchallenged hand for nearly 13 millennia, but this prolonged unpleasantness is now drawing to a close. Until now they have always found a way to escape from serious predicaments and are still hoping for some means of reshaping their current situation. We have news for you dark arrogant ones: "This time, what you have planned is not going to save you. We are monitoring your recent clumsy attempts to stage incidents designed to spark a wide-ranging series of conflicts. This time, dark ones, you will not be allowed to shake up the world. Our sacred allies are now occupying positions that can effectively limit what you are planning. We have also created a network that can intervene against when so required. The time your predestined removal from power is indeed approaching rapidly!"


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Visionkeeper - Take A Closer Look…


One World Rising Posted on March 20, 2013




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3MIN News March 20, 2013: Jersey Quake Event, Coronal Hole Coming




Source: YouTube.com

By: Suspicious0bservers



Published on Mar 20, 2013


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Why Spring Begins Early this Year


wunderground.com By: Joe Rao Published: March 19, 2013


Badamwari, Kashmir


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The Heart Song March 20th 2013


The Heart song for March 20th 2013 is



There was no author attached to these lyrics, to my knowledge.


To my Mother NZinga.  Thank you for continuing to free the captives. Back to Back.


Mom, here's a song that's just for you,
A card that says thanks for all that you do.
You know you're so special in so many ways,
And now that you're here, we'd just like to say:

Thank you for all of the love you give me,
It stays inside and forever lives with me,
And thank you, Mom, for the little things that you do.

You wipe our nose and bleach all of our white clothes!

Thank you for all of the hugs and kisses,
You're better than a fairy at granting wishes,
Like making soup just appear, and oatmeal cookies, too.

You have the power to make us take a shower!
[ From: http://www.elyrics.net ]

So, don't forget your mom on a special day:
Pick her up some flowers, put your toys away.
Make her a card or knit her a scarf--
She wipes off our tears and cleans up our barf!
(and cleans up our barf!)

Thank you for all of the love you give me,
It stays inside and forever lives with me,
And thanks again for the little things that you do.

You sew our buttons and toast us English muffins!

You know just what to say to make nightmares go away!

A personal physician that picks up our prescriptions,
You love us when we're wrong,
That's why we sing the 'we love you, Mom' song.
Lyrics from <a href="http://www.elyrics.net/read/b/big-time-rush-lyrics/the-mom-song-lyrics.html">eLyrics.net</a>


Love I AM GeeTa arit (daughter of) NZinga


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Art and Science - Can You Guess It?


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TheOne-DreamDreamer – Energies Are High… – 19 March 2013


Thanks to Lucas2012infos Posted March 19, 2013

The danger of relying too much on what is said will happen is that one’s power is given away again.  This is referred to the intrinsic power of inner Feelings. Whereas it can be of great help to have someone that facilitates the waking up of inner Feelings and helps with first step discernment, still there comes a point when one needs to get out of external guidance and commit to the Self again.

It’s a Wonder Full journey for it’s a journey Home! It’s paradox is that in a linear way of thinking it might seem weird that in order to connect to all that is one has to do it on it’s own, but truth is… there’s nothing as “on it’s own” when one is connected to… All that Is! For that’s when duality’s broken into pieces and One starts pulsating from the inside out again.

Be it one date or another one… all Know what is happening once the Feeling gate is open. For once it’s open… it can’t be closed again! There are thresholds that cannot be closed.


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Equinox energies~


You can Join Us Live



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5D FUN~~March 19, 2013



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Conversations with my Twin Flame ~ A New Beginning. - By Debbie Erasmus



My day began uneventful just the way I like it, but I woke up tired as if I'd never slept at all, and my body felt extremely heavy. I had more than 8 hours sleep so I was curious to know why I felt so tired.


Good morning sunshine!


Good morning Debbie. How are you feeling today?


For some reason I feel as though I haven't slept and my body feels heavy.


It's the Equinox energy, it is very strong.


Does that explain why I didn't sleep?


Partly. Your body is undergoing certain changes in preparation for the full merging of our energies. This has been happening most nights for the past few weeks. The bulk of these changes are done at night when you are in a state of complete relaxation.


What kind of changes?


Your cellular structure in your physical body is being changed and your Lightbody is encoding itself to accommodate full brain function and full DNA structure.


Wow, okay. I was wondering why doctors haven't picked up 12 strands of DNA in the physical human body. [Smile] So the changes are occurring in the Lightbody.


Yes. And you are also integrating my energy and the energy of the Equinox, which is why you are tired. You need to rest today and get some more sleep.


Ah yes...I knew you were going to say that! I feel like a 2 year old being ordered to take naps during the day..


It's for your own good Beloved. You will feel much better, trust me.


I'm sure I will. Thank you for the update.



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From The Whitehouse



The White House info@messages.whitehouse.gov via service.govdelivery.com
Mar 8 (11 days ago)




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Spring Equinox Astrology Newsletter



Spring Equinox Astrology Newsletter
March 20, 2013


The Spring Equinox—a day of perfect balance between the light of day and the dark of night—arrives on Wednesday, March 20th. As the days become longer, the changing angle of the sun (at the Equinox) will give you the opportunity to focus your thoughts and prayers on your highest good.


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The manuscript of survival – part 287 - March 20, 2013



The manuscript of survival – part 287 - March 20, 2013


So here we are dear ones, on this day of joy and celebration. For many of you, this day has already begun during the darkest hours of the night, as we wager that more than a few have had some visitations from some rather intense energies during your otherwise more restful sleeping hours. Well, let us just say that you will have many more encounters like this in the next few hours and days, but know that although some of these visitors may seem to be a little bit disturbing to your physical system, they are all benign. But we have to say they are nothing if not effective, as they charge through, bringing so much awakening in their wake. For this is what is happening to you all now, dear ones. Just as with Sleeping Beauty, one by one you are taken in hand, and gently, or in some cases, not so gently, being risen from that deep slumber you have been in for so long. For you have been somnambulants long enough now, and it is indeed time to become fully awake and survey your new surroundings. For you have grown to expect nothing but sad news and bitterness wherever you turn, but now, as your eyes get used to this new daylight, you will see how the sun has drawn out so much happiness and beauty all around. That is, if you seek it through the right channels, and do not depend on the mass media to enlighten you. For now you will know that they never will, as they are all still embroiled in the same old, same old. But you will know better, for you will feel the heat from this sun warm not only your face, but also your heart, and you will see a smile of recognition on so many other faces around you.



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Ashtar Speaks: Your Transformation is becoming increasingly clear - March 19, 2013




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The Devas of The Crystal Kingdom ~ Starseeds we welcome you home! – channeled by Debbie Erasmus


devas of the crystal kingdom

This is my first channeling with the Devas of the Crystal Kingdom. It's a short message, but they asked that I share it with you. ~ Debbie


We are excited to welcome so many of you home today. Many of you will be returning home on the energies of the Equinox and we want to say that you are loved beyond anything that you can comprehend at this time.


You are all so welcome at this time because Gaia is in need of your increased Light. You are the Starseeds of your planet and you have a significant role to play in her Ascension. Your planet needs you now and you will not disappoint her.  You are all of the higher dimensions and you are all qualified to do your part. You must not have any doubts now for you will not need further qualification to complete your missions.


I want to say that you are all most welcome back with us. You are going to be just wonderful, all of you, and we cannot wait to greet you!


[Debbie] Thank you!


You are welcome!. We want to say that we called you many years ago to work with us and we are so grateful that you have accepted. We cannot wait for you to call us when you are ready.


[Debbie] I am grateful too that you want to work with me! I will be calling on you soon!.


Copyright © Debbie Erasmus. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given: http://archangelsanddevas.wordpress.com


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Lessons for Full Spectrum Humans (excerpt Lesson 6) The Flying Rainbow Lasagne resolves duality


This is an excerpt from my online course Lessons for Full Spectrum Humans.


To gain access to all of the Lessons, and participate in the Q&A and videoconferences, it is necessary to enroll in the class. Please visit http://flyingrainbowlasagne.com/online-course.html to register.


Thank you, Aurora


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Tremors a mystery in South Jersey


NBC40.net - 3/19/13, Megan Wolf

SOUTHERN NEW JERSEY - Just after 3 o'clock Tuesday afternoon residents in Atlantic, Cape May, and Cumberland counties say they felt multiple earthquake-like tremors that rattled their homes and offices.

Absecon resident, Kay Stadlmeir, said, "I don't think it would be an earthquake, but what could it be? It's just really odd."  Somers Point resident, Bob Mower, explained, "There was a rattling of my windows and I felt the house shake just a little bit - it was unusual."  Stadlmeir told NBC40, "It has to be something really big to be witnessed in such a widespread area of South Jersey."

To watch the video and read the rest of this story, visit nbc40.net.


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The pace of change in attitude across the world is gathering momentum


Johnsmallman's Blog 03/20/2013 by John Smallman

John Smallman


Humanity is on a roll!  Yes, you really are.  The pace of change in attitudes and behaviors all across the world is gathering momentum as the newly engaged-with energies that were released to you in December 2012 strengthen your collective intent to awaken and eternally enjoy Reality — your normal fully conscious and fully enlightened state.

In that wondrous state, Love is the engine, the creative energy, the divine power grid that maintains, supports, and makes possible all that exists.  It is totally clean, infinitely abundant, fulfilling, and available, and from It all of creation receives everything it could ever need or conceive of to maintain infinite quantities of live, loving, intelligent consciousness, creating further abundance in perfect beauty and harmony, eternally.


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Mudslides kill 16 in Brazilian town of Petropolis


The Extinction Protocol - 3/19/13




 Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, in Rome to attend Tuesday’s installment of Pope Francis, called Cabral to offer federal help to deal with the impact of the flooding, her office said. Among the victims are two civil defense officials who took part in rescue efforts, Sergio Simoes, the Rio state civil defense secretary, told Globo television earlier.



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Ukko's Snow Ushers in Spring in Northern New England


Weather.com-3/20/13, Associated Press





BOSTON -- New Englanders were preparing for another messy day of snow as they welcomed spring's unseasonable arrival.

Forecasts called for as much as 16 inches of snow in parts of northern New England through Wednesday morning, bringing slippery road conditions. Snow was expected to taper off in other locations.

"Ukko has delivered a foot or more of snow to parts of five states in the Northeast including New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine," said weather.com meteorologist Chris Dolce. "Boston's storm total of 7.2 inches pushed their seasonal total over the 60-inch mark (63.1 inches)."



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Coldest March in 50 years: Spring arrives with temperatures up to 20C lower than last year


mirror.co.uk-3/19/13, Tom Perry


 A snowplough clears the A66 near Bowes


Britain is in the clutches of what is expected to be the coldest March in 50 years.

Forecasters said bitter weather showed no signs of letting up for the next ­fortnight and this month was a stark contrast to last year when temperatures were 20C higher on average.


Mirror News


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Veronica ~ Your Vibration Brought Forward




April Crawford Inner Whispers March 19 2013

Often in the hustle bustle of the linear world the element of spirit is set aside. Each one of you have incarnated to offer something to the reality. Perhaps it is time to calm down the frantic responses to a demanding day and just allow yourself to be.

There are a million excuses why this could not be possible. However, somewhere in the essentially overcrowded day a few moments of silence could be created.

It is a matter of focus. Decide that your soul has a place in the daily routine. It would be reasonable to not worry how long time wise the moment is, but to deeply connect briefly to reset the day.

At first it may feel hazy and elusive, but with each engagement there can be an energy exchange that will alter the vibration.

Consistency to the practice will enhance your participation. Allowing it to have a moment will also bring what you have to offer as an eternal energy. It is important to realize that what you have to offer may not be a physical enactment, but one so deeply vibratory that it changes the texture of the reality without physical awareness.


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Ashtar Speaks: Your Transformation is Becoming Increasingly Clear



Ashtar Speaks: Your Transformation is becoming increasingly clear

Ashtar through Philipp

We enjoy speaking to you again. We know how you feel in this Now moment where the Energies of the March Equinox are so powerful – they are now increasingly high, though they will lessen after the March Equinox. Instead of looking for changes on the outside, look upon the beautiful transformations which the Energies will cause inside you – many of you will feel the same. We are closer to you than ever, and are full of joyful anticipation of our reunion. We protect you and help you. Your human collective is going through a very intensive phase of transformation at present, and you can best observe this process if you go inside, as we have told you many times. Look in your mirror – see where you were some months ago and compare this to your current position.


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Outer World Signs Of The Birth Of The New Earth



Wednesday, 20 March, 2013 

The New Pope, Asteroids, Meteors, Comets, Coronal Mass Ejections from the Sun, the Vernal Equinox, and the International Day of Happiness


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Archangel Indriel. “Out On A Ledge.” By, Bella Capozzi. March 19, 2013.


Cupcakes and Angels Posted on March 19, 2013 by bella7xoxo


And so it is.  You are perched on the cusp of something grand.  You are but a mindset away from the glorious realization of your fondest hopes and dreams. It is this cusp which hugs the borderline between a dysfunctional world and another world of prosperity and balance;  one, an existence of strife and illusion, with the other a paradigm of abundance and truth.  You walk along the the border of war and peace.  Starvation and fulfillment.  Hatred and friendship.  Slavery and soveriegnity.  Blindness and clear seeing.  Which one shall it be, you wonder? Whatever shall be the end result?  Why, it is entirely up to you, of course, and the first step is in the choosing.


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Hail, Tornadoes, Damaging Winds Hammer the Southeast


Weather.com - 3/19/13



In all, there were 563 reports of severe weather Monday and Monday night across seven states from southeast Arkansas and northeast Louisiana to South Carolina.  For the entire month of March prior to Monday, there had been a total of 165 severe reports, including just a single tornado. 


Hail to the size of softballs was reported around Jackson, Mississippi, and emergency officials in the state say there were reports of homes damaged in at least five Mississippi counties.  Cars could be seen driving along the interstate with broken windows and cracked windshields.


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Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Healing


Angel Wisdom Wednesday, March 20, 2013


It is time to move on


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Heavenletter #4499 - What Is To Become of You?


Heaven Letters Published on: March 20, 2013


God said:

When you think: “What is to become of me?” know that the answer is: “All good.” All good is to become of you.

Whatever your life has been, whatever you think your life has been, you are beyond your life that has been as you perceive it. These are not just words I give you, dear ones, it is God’s Truth.

You are here on Earth, not for nothing, but for something, for something wondrous that you are not able, at the present moment, to conceive of.


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Sophia Love - There are no numbers big enough


Sophia Love 03/19/2013



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The manuscript of survival – part 287


aisha north March 20, 2013


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LOVE vs. fear (FalseEnergyAppearingReal)


After the song lyrics, the convo  begins...

By Nageetah IsRaeL... - Posted on 15 March 2013

The Heart Song for March 15th 2013 is




I've paid my dues -
Time after time -
I've done my sentence
But committed no crime -
And bad mistakes
I've made a few
I've had my share of sand kicked in my face -
But I've come through

We are the champions - my friends
And we'll keep on fighting - till the end -
We are the champions -
We are the champions
No time for losers
'Cause we are the champions - of the world -

I've taken my bows
And my curtain calls -
You brought me fame and fortuen and everything that goes with it
I thank you all -

But it's been no bed of roses
No pleasure cruise -
I consider it a challenge before the whole human race -
And I ain't gonna lose -

We are the champions - my friends
And we'll keep on fighting - till the end -
We are the champions -
We are the champions
No time for losers
'Cause we are the champions - of the world -


Love I AM NaGeeTa


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Jesus through John - Full compassion is always warranted if healing is to occur


Jesus through John March 20, 2013 by John Smallman

John Smallman


Reality — the Oneness of God and all of His creation — awaits humanity’s awakening with delighted anticipation in the certain knowledge that it is inevitable, that nothing can stop the process that you are undergoing or prevent you from entering into the glory that is your destiny and your heritage.  The intense new energies that have been pouring across the planet since December 2012 have been sweeping all before them into Reality’s loving embrace, and this has led to a magnificent softening of attitudes in the hearts of all on the planet.

As you follow the news as reported by your mainstream media, this is not immediately apparent because they focus on the bad news – political, economic, social, and religious – as their lead items, but if you delve a little deeper you can see reports which confirm that a softening of attitudes is most definitely taking place.  Concern for the impoverished, for the disadvantaged, for the unfairly treated, and for those who apparently cause or maintain them in those unhappy states is growing.


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~ Whats Happening On Planet Earth=Heart?~ Join us Live




Greetings Love Beings, Welcome to Equinox Energies!!!! Love is really kicking it up Now! You can Join us Live today for a Discussion on whats Happening On the Planet Right Now and How we feel March is going to go out a roaring! You can Join us Live Beginning at 10:30am Pacific at this Link: http://tinychat.com/soundofheart


Love The Earth Allies


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Awakening with Suzanne Lie~


Pleiadian/Arcturian Alliance



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March 20: Equinox and…. First Ever International Day of Happiness!



International Day of Happiness Aims to Inspire 100M People

From Positive News – March 15, 2013


The first ever International Day of Happiness encourages people all over the globe to reflect on what really matters, and to have lots of fun doing so

Thousands of people around the world have pledged to spend Wednesday, 20 March 2013, focusing on creating and spreading happiness.

The first ever International Day of Happiness, designated by the United Nations, will see those keen to boost positivity across the globe take part in a host of activities designed to bring happiness to others, and by extension, themselves.

Under the acronym ACT, those involved will: Affirm the happiness pledge, Cheer Happy Heroes, and Take part on the day.


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Pat Crosby: A Special Equinox March 2013 Invitation, Request, and Appeal for Your Help from the Lake Titicaca Galactic Portal




Dear Friends of Loving Light,

On the eve of this March 2013 equinox, we are gathered at this very moment on the starry shores of the Lake Titicaca galactic portal in Peru overlooking the magnificent sacred lake.

We are gathered here at the specific request of the Galactic and Lemurian Councils to do some very important and necessary grid activation work to support people through this great doorway of change and transformation.

In the past few days, guidance has been working with us, opening and preparing us to be of service to the higher causes of light in the ascension process of Mother Earth – our Pachamama.

The children of Mother Earth are hurting ~ and the time is ripe to help release and clear some of this hurt and trauma.


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Denise Le Faye ~ Transitions ~ Vernal Equinox


800x480-blurred-heartlight-3Happy 2013 Vernal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, and Autumnal Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere. This is the first Equinox after the 12-21-12 Expiration Date and Shift Point, and because of this it is very important because it’s delivering the start of some NEW higher frequency blueprint energies into this dimension, which obviously means much of humanities consciousness. These NEW energies are ones that have not been present on the old lower frequency Earth world and reality we all incarnated into so this is a great and grand improvement that’s finally beginning in this dimension on March 20, 2013.

I wrote those last few words in bold because I don’t want anyone to think I’m saying that on and only on March 20, 2013 Earth and humanity is going to come into full, complete and total contact with ALL of these NEW higher frequency energies and then that’s it… done, finished. It’s necessary to add these explanations because most people are still perceiving through the old Duality consciousness tool of perception, causing them to think things are all one way and then suddenly all the other way with no transitions, no Stair Steps, no safe and more comfortable incremental easement out of the old lower and into the NEW higher frequencies in this dimension in physical bodies. Mass humanity is not that individually integrated and advanced yet to be able to make such profound instantaneous changes internally/externally so the many Stair Steps are provided for all to incrementally move up safely, one after another and another and another, with less trauma and drama.


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James Gilliland ~ Archon Wars


We are in the middle of a war between those darker forces that have enslaved humanity for centuries. You will see it expressed in many ways. The light workers are really under the gun now, it seems being attacked and challenged to their very core.

It is as above so below. The new incoming energies and spiritual evolution of Earth are bringing these unseen negative influences into the light. People are choosing between their soul desire and ego desire, the latter of which is controlled by the archon network.

Those choosing the old ways, the old energy and consciousness grids are going to have a very hard lesson. Those choosing love, joy, bliss and service to others will take the ascending path.

We have to make hard choices in the days to come. Choices concerning jobs, family and friends, releasing that which no longer serves us, and rising to the occasion. Many will fall away caught in their base desires and unhealed wounds and traumas of the past. They will cling to the old world and the old ways.

The march is on. We cannot save them or choose for them. We can only be examples so that they can make their own choices and take their own actions where ever that may lead them. This is a powerful interview explaining what is transpiring.


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~ Space Weather Update~ AURORAS LOVE EQUINOXES: Entering Solar Wind Stream


AURORAS LOVE EQUINOXES: The seasons are changing. Today, March 20th, the sun is crossing cross the celestial equator heading north. This marks the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere and autumn in the southern hemisphere. At this time of year, day and night are of nearly equal length, hence the name "equinox" (equal night).

For reasons researchers don't fully understand, auroras love equinoxes. During the weeks around the beginning of spring or fall, the slightest gust of solar wind can provoke bright lights around the poles. A potent CME impact at this time can produce an unforgettable display, like this one only a few days ago:

"I took this photo during the historic St. Patrick's Day geomagnetic storm of 2013," says Ben Hattenbach of Fairbanks, Alaska. "I'm still exhausted from the experience, during which the aurora was at or near peak strength for the entire night. It was just incredible in a way pictures cannot come close to conveying."


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Connections by Suzi


Written by Suzanne

lunapic_13618498009849_It’s been occurring to me that what we consider as our own individual unfolding may be more collective in nature than we might think.

Yesterday in my kitchen, I had just finished washing a cutting board. I glanced at it sitting in the drying rack and noticed the slice marks in it that could potentially harbor nasty things that are best not ingested.

Then a surprising thing happened. Without thinking much about it, I moved my hands up to beam a purifying energy through them at the board! Then I moved one hand to either side and aligned them, and continued on with the intention of rendering any remaining elements harmless.

Of course my mind kicked in and I told myself how weird it was for me to be doing this. But then again, I thought, this may be a little nudge towards a full realization of exactly what is available to us. If we can imagine that we have such power, would that not be a great and wonderful practice towards embracing and working with it?


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Science and Spirituality: Chat Room tomorrow at 9:00 am PST


Tomorrow morning, thursday equinox 3/21/13 - Dr. Lenny Thyme - lemme's alter ego - will be conducting a formal group discussion on science and spirituallity in the tinychatroom at http://tinychat.com/soundofheart  .


The discussion will take place from a 3D science perspective - attempting to figure out what we can believe and what we really do not know.  The borders of consciousness are found in molecular water - as above, so below holds according to the Fibonacci sequence. (note the date contains three fibonacci numbers)


The idea is to bring science to everybody's understanding level.  This is an experiment - lemme doesn't want to lose people, but there are things we think we know that we have no idea aren't real.   There are many topics in science - Dr. Lenny Thyme is a PhD chemist/philosopher and shares his blog with lemme - who is a poet and a bard.  We hope to have fun - no topic is off limits, although some will be postponed to a later date.


We are going to figure out a common form of 5-D that people can grok.  Namaste'



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Preparation for the Spring Equinox ~ Lord Adama the High Priest of Telos


The Spring Equinox will be another three-day gateway into the Christ Consciousness energies which could be very powerful and has the potential to create an imbalanced state of equilibrium for individuals that may not be prepared.  Lord Adama shares a very powerful meditation to work through the 12 Rays of God into each of the 12 Chakras helping to ground the Christ Energies into each of us individually and collectively for GAIA.

We gather in our group Merkabah to the City of Telos underneath Mt. Shasta. We arrive in the Garden of Telos as Lord Adama meets us on the pathway into the forest to the Lemurian Retreat House.



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