Happy Lunar New Year Cosmic Weather ~ monthly snapshot for February, 2014 ~

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“It is important to expect nothing, to take every experience, including the negative ones, as merely steps on the path, and to proceed.” 
― Ram Dass

Hello friends and welcome to February! My feeling about this month is that it will have a slower pace than January and be more about rest and integration (we could use it!) Mercury is retrograde the *entire month* as well. Before you have a mini freak-out about that, I don't see it as a negative thing. For me personally I am preparing for a big house move in March and am using February to go through things, recycle and restructure, which is a perfect Mercury Retrograde thing to do. You don't have to be physically moving to do that either. Just be mindful that when your internet connection is moving at a snail's pace or your phone is dropping off calls, that could be the culprit. Mercury Rx is always a great exercise in patience and frankly my Aries moon doesn't like it, although I know it's good for me.  The cosmic sky isn't exactly quiet this month astrologically, but I feel the overarching vibe IS. The planetary movements this month also support introspection, cleansing and clearing. 

An interesting thing to note is that the symbol for Retrograde is Rx, the same symbol used in prescription medicine. In every Mercury retrograde there is an opportunity to examine what works for you and what doesn't; to "travel lighter" and let the superfluous go. Also to find and reconnect to your own personal healing medicine. 

February is also home to Valentine's Day, probably the most dreaded "Hallmark" Holiday of them all. I've personally enjoy it, as I simply love to love! There is also a sad element to this holiday too, especially for those who have lost their loves and may be forceably reminded of that fact. Please be mindful of the tender hearted on that day. I do like that Valentine's Day occurs during Sun in Aquarius which brings us back to a brother/sisterly, agape kind of love for all. Also a reminder of the most important kind of love - self love, which is where it all starts, and definitely flavors our interactions with others, especially on an intimate level.

There will be no New Moon this month due to the two in January. Full Moon (in Leo) occurs on Valentine's Day 2/14 which will give the day a jovial and celebratory feel. 

The Uranus/Pluto square is still active this month, along with continued activity with Saturn, Mars, and Chiron (the wounded healer.) The inner work we do this month will have much to do to prepare us for March which tends to be a time of "karmic ripening" during the Sun in Pisces. Numerologically, February is a "9" (2/2014 = 9) so it is definitely a "wrapping up" kind of a vibe, as the 9 designates the ending of a cycle. 

Have a great month ahead and remember to keep it cosmic friends! 



Wrapping up

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I can already feel this is an interesting month. All weekend I have been lit up by energies. I can see the wrapping up in my dreams the past few days. They have been very strange and most of them involve old friends/relatives. One I had last night I interpreted as meaning that I should not work anymore on some of my past situations as they have been resolved.


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Thanks for sharing we are in amazing and exciting times!

Welcome Home into,The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth=Heart, We Love you Unconditionally!!