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The Oracle Report for Thursday, February 20, 2014

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By:, 02/20/2014

Third Quarter Moon

Disseminating Moon Phase: communicate, share, express, feedback


Moon in Scorpio


Ruling Mahavidya: Matangi



The music of the spheres, courtesy the Sun and Neptune, continues to ring truth today and a special message comes through.


While there is a confluence of astrological signatures converging today that presses feelings of disappointment, disillusionment, isolation, fear, failure, suffering, emptiness, waste, helplessness, lack, stinginess, and paralysis, there is a more powerful signature that reinforces the dissolution of these things.  We want to connect with this more powerful signature.


OracleReport Disseminating Moon in Libra: share, demonstrate, communicate ~ Ruling Mahavidya: Matangi

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SunFlareThe Disseminating phase of this lunar month opens with the floodgates of Pisces today. The Sun will move into Pisces, conjuncting Neptune and ushering a five day tsunami of connection with higher realms. Not only do we have an open channel with spirit, but we gain a degree of clarity that clears away the fog. Pop astrology focuses on the escapist, nebulous, addictive power of Neptune, but the truth of the matter is transits of Neptune make things clear as day if we are willing to look. The conjunction of the Sun and Neptune over the next five days will bring new awareness and realization, particularly as it relates to duty, discipline, and honor.

It would be a good idea to give some thought to where your duties lie, where discipline needs to be enacted, and what you honor. These are exercises of the inner sacred masculine.

The Fates have gifted us with this wonderful opportunity to communicate with our higher selves and with Spirit during the Disseminating phase of the Moon – the phase where communication of all types is heightened. This is like an “open call” with Gaia Sophia, the divine being embodied as our planet. So, knowing you have audience with the goddess of wisdom, what would you like to share or discuss with her? Her favorite topic is how we are expressing ourselves, and she prefers stories. Where are you with the story of your life?

Your Guide to Planetary Energies for February 17 to 23, 2014

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Astrology Journal


By Pam Younghans



Today’s photo: Auroras over Fairbanks, Alaska on February 7, 2013 (photo by Marketa S. Murray, posted on




WHEN ATTEMPTING to explain a Mercury retrograde phase, I often compare our experience to being like Alice’s adventures in Wonderland — and truth be told, this particular Mercury retro period is already feeling quite surreal, much like the world Lewis Carroll created.




~Full Moon In Leo Energies~ Active for the Next 48 Hours

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Today at 6:54 p.m. EST,  your Valentine from the Universe arrives.  The Full Moon in Leo will bring a revelation from the heart of our star system.  This Moon wants to show you how Love can -- and must -- transform you and your life.  It wants you to see a much bigger picture.  Full of the life-giving, renewing power of our Star, Luna is ready to connect you with the deepest and vastest regions of the heart. Even as I type these words, she's preparing to bring the power of the Cosmos to all that you love.

There's a larger than life quality to this Full Moon. Part of that comes from the fact that it's just the first act in a three-part sequence of cosmic events today and tomorrow:

* A transformative cascade of solar radiation is playing background music to today's Full Moon in the Sun's own sign.  Our Sun has already sent three coronal mass ejections (CME's) into our star system in less than 24 hours. By tomorrow, they'll begin arriving on Earth.  Many people, though, feel them long before.  You may be one.

This cascade of solar energy in the amplified lunar field opens us to the huge magnetic changes that are currently taking place on our Sun. Every 11 years or so, a reversal of the Sun's magnetic poles takes place -- and it's in the process of completing itself right now.  The solar north pole reversed its magnetic charge several months ago, and NASA says that the solar south pole is ready to reverse at any time.  Until then, the life-giving Star at the center of our cosmic neighborhood has two south poles.  

Molly McChord~Leo Full Moon~

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Everything is energy and we are each Divine Sparks of awesomeness that are connected in all ways. When we shine out into the world, we connect with others from that shining place, amplifying all of our energies for the good of the collective.

Just look up at the sky. An unending vastness of potential (Aquarius) and a billion shining stars light up specific points of energy (Leo). Our individual self-definitions (Leo) desire a spotlight, but we require a community (Aquarius) of support in order to share our gifts. Our connected energies reflect, refract, and evolve together as we balance ego and connection, giving and receiving, for the benefit of All.

~Cosmic Weather Report~ Hearts and Stars

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We invite you to drop all fear of your brilliance and radiantly shine as you were born to do. You are deeply loved and you are love itself. Breathe. Release. Forgive. Love, light and healing carry the frequency of restoration within them, and these are your greatest tools. – The Keepers, excerpt from “Cosmic Love: Keys for the Path of Light” from Starfield Press.

Hello friends. The upcoming Full Moon has a lot going for it. Not only it is in a degree of Leo with quite a compelling Sabian Symbol attached to it, it also falls right on Valentine’s Day. Talk about your cosmic hearts and stars! I loved this picture of the woman on the trapeze and thought it was perfect. There’s a performance element to a Leo moon, along with the sense of daring, and busting out of our usual daily routines and attitudes even a little bit; to get in tune with the “bigger,” fun and celebratory elements of life and all it has to offer.

Leo represents the 8 Card in the Tarot. This is a small hint about the "strength" and courage the full moon in Leo symbolizes.

Photo credit: Awakening Women Institute

The Oracle Report for Wednesday, February 12, 2014

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By:, 02/14/2014


Gibbous Moon Phase: trust, digest, prepare, cleanse

Moon: Cancer/Leo

Ruling Mahavidya:  Matangi


A fair wind blows in today to change things up in the best way.  This is Gibbous Moon phase energy at its finest.  Gibbous phase (and those born under the Gibbous phase) comes in an alchemizes.  It takes the base level and takes it to a higher level.  For us, this translates to really seeing things clearly, feeling stronger, and becoming decisive.


The Oracle Report for Tuesday, February 11, 2014

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By:, 02/11/2014

algae composition

Gibbous Moon Phase: trust, analyze, prepare


Moon: Cancer


Ruling Mahavidya: Matangi


Today’s energy goes extreme and out of bounds.  This requires us to be extra-grounded.  Methodical, logical, slow analysis is the key.  Impulses are rampant and are designed to show us something in neon lights.  But impulsive reactions are not a good idea.  Give thought and consideration to things or ask a trusted friend’s advice before taking big action.



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