Have an Understanding with God

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God said:

Beloved, God is steering this ship We sail. God leads. That We are One doesn’t mean you climb the mast and tell Me how to lead. Sailors take directions. I am the Captain of the Ship. You have your own opinions to make yet not decisions to assign, not even with all Good Will for Me and for others.

Your life is yours. Others’ lives are theirs and at My Behest. You are not to tell another what to do no matter how smart you may be. Oh, yes, this is not easy to equate with Our Oneness on earth terms. On Earth, there is relative life in the ascendant. Only on Earth can there be a Big Man on Campus. From Heaven comes humility. Humility is not insecurity.

Beloved, this is the understanding I ask of you. That which I have given to another isn’t for you to take asunder and put back again as if by your decree. Why, Beloved, what are you thinking?

It’s God’s call you are to follow. Serve Me. Follow Me. I hold you in great trust. Would you be so casual as to contradict what I set in motion and affix in place? It has been said that you challenge not what I do. Do you argue this? On what authority, My Beloved, would you change what I perform? This is not within your arc.

To follow in My footsteps is a different story. Slow down. Take a back seat. This is even good for you. What do you give up by allowing Me? You do not know. You cannot as yet foresee, for you know not of what you speak.

There is no court in God’s Kingdom to contradict My presence. Beloved, a slight distance from My Will is still a detour. I do not stray from My Heart. Whose eyes am I to look through but Mine? Whose mind am I to speak? I speak My mind. Say Yes to God. You are not on Earth in order to change My vision. Beloved, you, as an individual, see as far as you can see. Of course, you are correct only so far as you see.

Dear One, it isn’t for you to debate with Me. Well, yes, you can, and you do, yet it’s not the wisest use of your heart and mind to assert your fancy. I see a different image. Would you prefer to wrestle with Me when you can support Me? I am thinking of My Voice as you in all your wisdom you might give out unasked for. Are you going to bet your money on your Will or Mine?

My Will, not thine. Would you have Me vote as you happen to think? I vote for what feels right to My eyes and ears. I do not ask for you or anyone to second-guess Me. Beloved, Beloved, try out your own view of your life and leave others with their lives with Me.

Beloved, trust in God. God first, Beloved. Be 100% supportive of Me. There is more than what meets your eye. Take Me at My Word. Do I ask you too much? I ask you for your fealty. Beloved, take deference to Me, will you?

Say: “Cross my heart, so help Me, God.”

I desire you to serve Me. Yes, I also serve you. Now I ask you: “Would you like to serve Me?”

Life may tend to tell you that you are getting too big for your britches.

I can speak for Myself. Beautiful Soul, I am. You are on loan to Me. Continue to be My Resource. In My Troth will you kindly go to the ends of earth and time to follow Me? Actually, you and I exceed time. We are beyond the ends of time. In fact, what does time have to do with the stars, My Beloved?

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