Heavenletter #4319 The Being That You Are, September 21, 2012

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Heavenletter #4319 The Being That You Are, September 21, 2012 


God said: 


Sadness feels like it’s true, but sadness is not true. Love is true. Sadness is not love unless We call it love of sadness, bittersweetness. Sadness is a longing for what once seemed to be. Sadness is a longing for a time and place. You already know that time and space are illusions. Time and space simply cannot be marked. There is no ruler that truly marks time. There is a drum beat. It seems like time. It seems to mark time. Eternity is true. Measurement is not.

Measurement does not stay the same. How tall are you? Your height changes. Your weight changes. Only the permanent exists. That means only the Eternal exists. The soul of you is permanent. Our relationship is permanent. Our relationship may seem to change, yet seeming is not the same as Truth. I am unchanging. The essence of you is unchanging. The body is temporal. The body changes. Body is a tarp that covers the essence of you. A tarp may cover a motorcycle. The human body covers you. You could say that the soul of you inhabits the human body, but only for a while. A tarp is not you. You are the crème de la crème. An extension of you is not you. A drawing of you is not you. When someone describes you, or you describe yourself, it’s most often a description of your temporary body, or your temporary personality. No matter how beautiful your outer appearance may be, it doesn’t hold a candle to the Being that you are.

You are, after all, My Being. Your Greatness is unheralded. You do not have the words. The words to encompass you do not exist. You are indescribable. Like Me, you cannot be defined. You are beyond definition. Any definition cannot encompass the Truth of you. Beloveds, there are no borders to you. You are unlimited.

Yet you spend a lifetime trying to define yourself. The Truth of you is elusive. The best you can do is to allude to your Truth. You cannot wrap yourself up even into an encyclopedic description let alone a definition.

You cannot be contained. Even as you dwell in a human body, you are not contained. It is said that the eyes are the windows of the soul. The eyes are a glimpse perhaps, more a keyhole than a window. You can look deep into someone’s eyes and know you are looking into your own.

What is so simple becomes complex. Yes is much simpler than a No. Say Yes to your soul. Accept that you are more than a body or personality. Next to the soulness of you, everything is mere. The essence of you is not mere. It is more. It is Great. It is limitless. It is unending.

Let’s face it, beloveds, you are poetry. You are music. You are a mutuality that can only be called One.

You cannot be researched. You can only be discovered. You can only say: “Eureka. I am found.”

You are so vast that you fill up the sky. You fill up the Universe. You are the Fullness of Fullness Itself. And yet you search for yourself in little places. You look for a recipe of yourself. You are not written down. You cannot be written because any writing about you is not enough. It is not even close. Greatness cannot be defined. A picture cannot be drawn of you. You are more than an escapade. You are the Real Thing. You are Truth, My Truth at that. Made in My image, you are My spitting image, only you are not an image. You are Myself delivered to the world. When I say you are the Light of the World, I do not say that lightly. You are every reverberation of My Being, only, this is a secret you keep from yourself. I proclaim you now.