Heavenletter #4324 From Your Heart to the World, September 26, 2012

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Heavenletter #4324 From Your Heart to the World, September 26, 2012 


God said: 


When you weigh occurrences in life, you weigh yourself down with weight. Your life becomes a matter of scales. When you measure, you are casting a shadow on your life. Life is to be lived not measured. Measuring your life, counting this and that, becomes a weight on you. How can your life be light when you are counting, counting?

When you make comparisons in life, it is like you are in a little dark room, a counting room. Counting, measuring, makes you near-sighted. Vision has to expand. Your vision has to expand. Vision cannot be held in tight places.

Let your vision be like stars high in the sky. Your vision is to reveal light. Light, by its nature, falls wide and far. Expand your vision. Break out from the past. Enter a vaster horizon. Create a vaster world.

Life is not meant to be lived in little snippets. There is a vast expanse for you.

Your thoughts travel at the speed of light. Think of what messages you send.

Send not fear messages. Send love messages. With love messages from your heart to the world, there are no enemies. Enemy is pure fiction anyway. You may have thought that true love is fiction. If so, you have got it backward. Reverse the timbre of your thoughts.

Welcome that which is of value to welcome. Kiss goodbye that which is not of value to welcome.

Do not dredge up dark thoughts. Do not surround yourself with them. Why would you attract the vibration of woe to you? Attract beauty and all good things. I am speaking of your thoughts, beloveds. Your thoughts are precursors of what is to come.

Does it work like this every time? Yes, yet you have in this arena lost count.

Count your blessings. Let go of everything else. Do not bad-mouth your life.

Consider the vibration of words. Certain vibrations create certain words. Seek out a higher vibration so that your thoughts shower blessings wherever they go. Sooner or later, the vibration of your thoughts return to you.

This is not meant to confer blame upon you. Simply, I am showing you which door to enter. Enter the bright shining door that leads to your thoughts. Enter the bright shining door beyond which darkness cannot arise. There may be a cave with a curtain pulled over its entrance. It is dark in there. Don’t go there. Why would you go there when there are so many sun-lit paths to follow?

It certainly seems to you that there are times when darkness follows you. You cannot retrace your steps. You can only choose now.

It takes a while for ice to melt. The light of the sun will melt the ice.

Now you probably say that into each life a little rain will fall. From your perception, no one escapes it. Sooner or later, a loved one dies, and you can only be bereft, so say your thoughts. Loved ones will pass from this Earth. Even so, you do not have to proclaim feeling bereft. You can be merciful. You can have mercy on yourself. You do not have to think usual world thought. You can have victory over heartbreak. You can declare daybreak. You can declare anything you want. So, now, declare only that which you welcome.

Have you not had enough sorrow? Who would claim more? Claim happiness instead. Claim happiness no matter what. If you cannot be happy for yourself, then be happy for another. Another has moved on. The only culmination to life is life. And, so, you keep rolling along until it is your turn to leave Earth. And when that time comes, be happy then, too, for there is greater adventure before you.