Heavenletter #4328 Adventure, September 30, 2012

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Heavenletter #4328 Adventure, September 30, 2012 

God said: 


No longer are you to let anything make you feel defeated. There is a difference between your not having things work out the way you would like and feeling defeated. I am speaking of where you come from in your heart. Nor do I mean to be telling you that you must always fight for something you want. You cannot always swim against the tide any more than you are to spend your life feeling defeated.

A boxer loses a match. He may lose his title. Must he see this as defeat? He does not have to rise again, although that can happen. It just doesn’t have to be that things develop in the way he is sure he would like. Maybe it is time to step down from having top billing. Life turns out as it turns out. Sometimes you can save the day, and sometimes not. Sometimes it’s the better part of valor to let go, sometimes to hold on.

Either way, or any of a thousand ways that life takes you, life will take you to Me, beloveds. Nothing has to be this way or that. Life has given you plenty of opportunity to learn this. Because you want something and because you are good and serving and giving doesn’t mean that all the twists and turns of life must turn out as you would have them turn out. Life does not have to go by your bidding. Sometimes life takes you by the nose or takes you by the hand. In every case, life is for you to love. Sometimes life raps your knuckles. Sometimes life takes you dancing. Sometimes life leads, and you follow. And, sometimes, you lead and life follows, so it seems. Always life is giving itself to you. In every case, life is saying: "Here I am. You might as well come along with me.”

Regardless of what life seems to offer you, life is lifting you high. You may be laid low, yet life is cheering you, looking out for you, giving you, loving you whether you have top billing or not. One week life may not give you your weekly allowance. Next week, life will. Or next week, life will pour noticeable blessings upon you. Life may give you double or triple boons beyond what you asked for.

In any case, whatever life brings to you, be gracious. Say, “Thank you.” Say, “Thank you, Life, for what you give to me.”

Say: "I relish the heights you give to me, Life, and I accept the lows, and I am never vanquished. I do not call myself either a victor or a victim. Life, I am so much more than either of these. I am someone who lives life. Whatever you hand me, I live it.

“Life, we can say that you come to me in the form of a double helix, the way you spiral and weave yourself around, seeming to take me on this road or that, this smooth sailing or those rough seas. Whatever you hand to me, Life, I accept it, and I keep winding higher. Life, you are mine. You are mine for exploration. If, Life, you are for all possibilities, then I am for all possibilities, too.

"I cannot always just pick and choose. I can meet whatever you give me, Life, and I can tip my hat to what you give me and thank you for all you give, the choice particles and the particles that seem wanton. In all instances, Life, I choose you. I relish you, Life, or I swallow you, Life. In each instance, I am amenable to you. I appreciate you however you appear. I smile at you. I relish you. And, when I do not relish every flavor you bring me, I digest it, and I move on with you, and I greet the next opportunity. Thank you, Life, for the adventure you are.”