HERE in CALI, SEPT. 17-OCT. 1, we're having RUN4SALMON to bring the Salmon back to the McCloud River in the Mount Shasta Area #RUN4SALMON #WATERisLIFE ❤

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HERE in CALI, SEPTEMBER 17th thru OCTOBER 1st, we're having RUN4SALMON to bring the Salmon back to the McCloud River in the Mount Shasta Area, and "to raise awareness about the policies threatening our waters, our fish, and indigenous lifeways." FOR SURE--my awareness about the absence of the Salmon in the McCloud river was raised last week after attending the "Benefit for the Winnemem Wintu Tribe - Evening of Live Music and Short Documentary in Mt Shasta." I learned that the Salmon have been blocked from 'going home' to the McCloud River ever since the Shasta Dam was built in 1945, and I also learned that only because of a fish hatchery in McCloud, California that exported fish eggs in the late 1800's, are there positively identified, living genetic descendants of those Salmon today. They are in New ZealandThere is currently an effort to 're-populate' the McCloud River with the eggs from those Salmon in New Zealand, and there is a solution of a natural swim way that would create a connection between McCloud River and Dry Creek, a seasonal creek that begins in a ridge that borders Shasta Lake, so that the Salmon can get past the Shasta Dam. There's an active, controversial proposal to raise the Shasta Dam even higher, though, making it even more integral to restore the Salmon back to their Natural Cycle in the McCloud River.

I've lived in the Mount Shasta, California Area on & off since 2011. Both of my Dads were in the U.S. Army, and I never felt like I had a hometown, until I came to Mount Shasta. The Mountain called to me. I realized when I arrived here in 2011, that I had found what felt like home. It's surprising to me that during the past five years, the first I heard all the details of this issue was during the Benefit Event last week. It's hard for me to understand why & how this issue has not been adequately addressed & resolved for all involved. To me, this is not just a "Native American Issue," just like what's going-on in Standing Rock, for example; IT'S A MOTHER EARTH ISSUE, which means it effects everyone. Interestingly enough, it also seems that the Salmon from the McCloud River & I might have a lot in common--totally displaced, feeling lost, confused, and wondering how to get home or if this is actually it. I feel that by helping them find their way home, I'm helping myself complete my journey, so I put this promotional piece together that combines all the posters for it so far. Feel free to share it, download it, post it again with other words, etc. It's been aPProved, and YES--I worked on it for 'Winnemem Wage!'


"Run4Salmon is a journey of prayer along the path that salmon used to run in the millions for millennia. We will travel up the Sacramento River watershed, from the California Delta in Ohlone territory to the Winnemem (McCloud River), in Winnemem Wintu country.

As we walk, boat, canoe, bicycle, run, and horse ride, we will lay down prayers for the return of the salmon to the mountains which haven't seen them for nearly 75 years.

We will follow the path of the Winnemem Wintu proposed passage that would give the salmon a natural swim way to get above Shasta Dam.

We invite you to get involved with the Run4Salmon. Go to run4salmon.orgfor more information and to register.

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